Netmarble said on the 17th that Netmarble F & A acquired Bonotech Monoros, a block chain, has a block chain.

Golden Bros Netmarble Free to Play P2E Game

Bonotechnologies’ Developed Wallet ‘Coiners’, which is developed, allows users to use a virtual asset wallet conveniently. ISMS (Information Protection Management System) has obtained certifications, and provides a brought-up care service block safe.

Block Safe is a service that restores with your authentication if the user lost the wallet certification key during the service. If not restored, the agreement with the insurers and the agreement will be able to compensate for the virtual assets held by the user up to 100 million won.

Netmarble F & A enhances convenience and stability in block chain based games and metanomics ecosystems based on Bonotech School.

Netmarble F & Sea Seemwon representative is “aiming for services that can easily use the block chain,” he said, “especially as well as the assets, I will focus on. “

Last month, Netmabble F & A acquired the blockchain Game Daimel Games and has signed a strategic partnership with Virtual Assets Exchange Exchange Binance.