After the spectacular 4: 3 against Getafe, Atleti coach Diego Simeone changed his recent starting eleven on two positions: De Paul began for Suarez, for Rückr Correa next to Matheus Cunha in the double storm. In addition, Gimenez replaced the red-locked Felipe. Levantes coach Alessio Lisci took four changes compared to 2: 4 against Real Betis: Rober, Peelu, Bardhi and Roger replaced Ruben Vezo, Malsa, Morales and Dani Gomez.

When fifth struggles Atletico Madrid around the Champions League, UD Levante holds the red lantern. But in the Wanda Metropolitano it was the tail light, which dominated from the beginning of the ball and opponents. The Rojiblancos did not find in the game at all and mostly came a step too late. Twice the Madrilenen in the first half were lucky: in the 22nd minute Hector Herrera ran after a bad mistake of Gemenez alone on Oblak, the Atleti Keeper remained in one-counter-one thanks to a strong parade winner thanks to a strong parade winner. And seconds before the pause whistle, the already warned de Paul made a foul on Peelu, but came around the mature traffic light card.

Melero meets – Oblak prevents higher residue

In the second round there was even thicker for Atletico. After a great pass of Pepelu, Melero escaped his opponent and achieved the lead for Levante (54th) with a right-hand shot in the short corner. The brave obsequline was still on the ball, but could not prevent the impact. Five minutes later, Atletico hoped for the compensation as a dash of condog bias was warded off in the penalty area by hand (59.). But the actually correct penalty whistle was collected by the VAR because of a previous time-off position.

Resumen de Levante vs atletico de madrid 1-0 Levante hoy - atletico de madrid hoy

Better and more dangerous Levante remained. In the 65th minute, the shortly previously substituted Malsa played a class PLAS Pass to De Frutos. The attacker pulled off the rotation in the right penalty area and forced oblak to another glory. Shortly thereafter, Simeone responded and sent two of his top offensive people on the lawn with Suarez and Joao Felix.

And actually the Rojiblancos now took more and more the command over the game. However, the clear actions in the offensive, despite increasing pressure, the Levante defense continued to have almost nothing to do. And even in the final phase, Atletico simply found no gap – without plan and ideas, the attacks were presented, long time had little in the wall metropolitano.

Spectacle in the detention time: Fall reverse and slattenracher

The seven-minute nighttime time had it in itself. After five minutes graduated, Correa met with a great drop retractor for supposed 1: 1. But the gate did not count because Gameneez had previously fouled his opponent. Only a few seconds later, Malsa moved off almost from the center of the circle. The ball lowered himself over the troubled oblak on the Madrider gate, but clatter only against the crossbar (90. + 6). The two most spectacular scenes of the game changed nothing more at the end of the end as well as deserved defeat Atleticos against the final light.

After the revelation is for Atletico next Saturday (16:15 clock) at Ca Osasuna, Levante is only demanded on Monday (21 clock) at Celta Vigo.