Last update there is May 14, 2021

Pure roguelikes can be some of the most frustrating games and inducing rage – entirely on purpose, could I add – so the idea of ​​adding these exasperative mechanisms to another gender quieter seems to be a terrible idea. It turned out fantastic. Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is described as a Konami-style roguevania 2D action game, which means that it is an impious mix of levels generated procedurally, deceptively complex combat mechanisms and Tipculating environments that require a constant back. The result is an elegant game filled with frenetic energy that still requires a real reflection. Although technically a remake of one of the oldest Japanese exclusive IP addresses of Konami, Getufumaden: Undying Moon works as an autonomous title and is one of the most beautiful games I’ve been playing for years.

The plot of the game is simple: the Ryukotsuki daemon got up after a thousand years of sleep, ripping a hole that leads directly to hell and allowing innumerable malefic spirits to spread around the world. This is the duty of the Getsu clan to go down the pit and stop madness. Unfortunately, your elder brother, the most powerful warrior of the clan, has disappeared. You’re Call Getsu Fuma and you have to get into hell in his place. If it seems a little dangerous, do not worry – it’s a thug, which means that the mysterious shrine Maiden who serves your family will remind your soul in a new body to his death. And believe me, you will die. Many. Even in the lightest difficulty, this game is difficult.

A huge variety of enemies awaits you in this fantastic fantastic dark, who all have their own attack schemes and destroy you if you are imprudent. The winding levels in the form of labyrinth are as magnificent as they squeeze it. All the experience has a very mythological tone and a distinctly Japanese tone that reminds games like Okami. By playing Getufumaden: eternal moon feels like listening to a talented storyteller give life to old legends.

Most STUNNING Roguelite/Roguelike of 2021 - GetsuFumaDen Undying Moon [Review]
The levels generated procedurally become larger and more like a labyrinth as you advance, which requires a lot of return back to grab everything, but you can travel quickly between the activated sanctuary doors for more convenience. Finding the right road to advance you leads to a boss fight with an enemy straight out of the Japanese legend – a beast so big that it fills most of the screen. Even an ordinary enemy can kill you if you slide, so fighting a boss is an exercise of tests and errors. There is always a torsion or a unique mechanism in a boss fight, and solve the puzzle is half of the pleasure.

The unique visual style of the game immediately attracted my attention. Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is, to say it simply, beautiful. It feels like playing through an elaborate Japanese Ukiyo-e paint or wood engraving that can, at any time, suddenly transform into a blood bath. The atmosphere is thick, beautiful and sent a crowd shiver in my spine. The obsessive soundtrack uses a variety of traditional Japanese instruments to create a solemn beauty feeling and deep and painful discomfort. Suitable for a game on making your way to hell.

The environment of the game and the design of the enemy are also strongly linked. Getsu Fuma is a much more stylish figure than, let’s say, Jin Sakai, but he looks like home in a Ukiyo-E print. It would be the same for the enemies that you meet, especially the heads of floating monsters, the vicious oni, the spirits of dead-living cicada, the tormented souls of the warriors who killed civilians on the field of battle and enormous skeletons on fire. Suspended bodies and decomposition skeletons decorate the levels in such grotesque display as surprising.

In fact, the game is so dedicated to its traditional Japanese aesthetic that the name of the protagonist remains in the order of the Japanese names, name before the first name, which could be a little confusing for those who do not know Japanese culture. That said, the title is so simplified and full of action that it is more of a stylistic choice than anything else, and Getufumaden: Undying Moon uses his style as a weapon. A quick platform, a complex system of upgrading weapons and weapons, an expanding world that rewards the skills and punishes the errors – this game really has everything to please early access. I am on the edge of my seat while waiting for complete release.