Coach Frank Kramer von Arminia Bielefeld returns to a Bundesliga game to Hoffenheim for the first time after nine years.

“Both from the memories of the people and from the content, I took a lot then. That’s why it’s still special,” said Kramer with a view of the game on Sunday (17:30 pm / Dazn).

Spieltach #22, TSG Hoffenheim: Die Pressekonferenz vor dem Spiel

In December 2012, the then 40-year-old in Kraichgau acted as an interim coach in the first league. With Bielefeld he has only played twice at home against the TSG, both times a draw. “Suddenly in the Bundesliga on the line, something was really special,” Kramer said, “That was a little bit a starting signal. That’s why I am very grateful to the TSG and the persons.”

Nevertheless, he would of course want to score with the unbeaten Arminia on Sundays. And also looks a chance. Hoffenheim is a “very variable, very dominant and technically really good team. But if such a gambling force wants to combine through the rows, it will give ball gains when we are thinking. And then it must quickly go to the opponent’s goal.”