“Everything was offered, which maybe you may seem distributed over a whole week. That’s what we packed today in a game today. It was a swab of the feelings, birdwild scenes, so you always have the ball in positive as in the negative case Seen in it, “SVW coach Ole Werner brought to the point after the game.

Already the emergence of the 4: 3 victory hit was memorable. Because before Peer Toprak benefited in the shot phase of the game at its crucial gate that Paderborn-Keeper Jannik Huth was on the ball after a corner ball, both teams had already cheered a supposed 4: 3 – only the SCP after a Schlenzer of Felix Plate, then Werder is a no less sighted shot with MARVIN Ducksch Effet. But the Var took both goals back, once because of a preceding foul of plate (to Toprak), then on the other side after a breathable point of exit (from Niklas Füllskrug).

Young: “I have not experienced so yet”

“It was a madness game. Many beautiful gates, lots of video assistant referee, a shit soccer field. We are glad that we have three points,” the SVW captain stated after the game in the club’s own TV channel. Also Anthony Jung could hardly believe after the game on difficult, wet runners, which was done in the good 90 minutes of Paderborn everything: “I have not experienced that in this extreme – with the many decisions, goal counts, goal does not count. Insane.”

Because the madness had indeed started far before the time the 4: 3 was achieved in the third start. Previously, six hits had already fallen, the most beautiful no doubt by Plattes interim 3: 1 with a “Sunday shot” (Toprak) from over 40 meters. “Before Paderborn makes the third goal, we actually push and then he’s so a Sunday shot out. But we were always there. But there were a lot of dream gates. That’s a horny victory, if you then get the 86th minute “Tatterrak said.

Werner and the hope of the learning effect

In the end, they were pleased with Werder above all about it, after the up and down next to 1: 3-residue as a winner gone by difficult to play, wet place. “It was less to play football, but heart, mentality, character; the keywords that you connect to the 2nd league. I think we have shown everything today, what was going on,” said Young.

His coach now hopes a learning effect: “It is an important experience for us as a team, even if we do not want to go back with two goals every time. But it was important to see that you can come back in such a situation We will be in the situation again. “