Leon Goretzka from FC Bayern hopes back to full stages, but has remember that some fans may have turned away from football in the Corona Pandemic.

Leon Goretzka talks about his recovery process

“It would be a mistake, if we believe that the stages are completely filling out as well as it is as honest, it must be so easy, but it is probably not so easy, because I’m already afraid that the past two years with many fans too Made, “said the midfielder in an interview of the” world on Sunday “.

He hopes that the pandemic has made aware of the whole professional commercially, “that the fans did the football by their euphoria. As soon as the pandemic situation permits, we should come back to the football as soon as possible, which we All love – with an exuberant mood on the ranks and in the football pubs. “

Goretzka, who repeatedly refers to political and social issues, also appealed that more athletes are commenting in the future.

FC Bayern: Goretzka demands larger commitment of colleagues

“I want everyone to encourage every colleague to come up with position, because I think it’s important to raise his voice. I also find that there are some colleagues in the Bundesliga who clearly position themselves me, “said the 27-year-old.

He has the impression that one or the other would like to say something, but it would be worry about possible consequences: “maybe for fear of the headwind or even hate comments, what you have to endure, but that’s not easy. Against the background I can understand the restraint with one or the other. “