Braunschweig’s Coach Michael Schiele took four changes compared to the 0: 1 against FSV Zwickau: Wiebe, Henning, Pena Zauner and Lauberbach repressed Schultz and Berendt (both yellow-locked) as well as Otto and Ihorst (bank).

VERS Trainer Guerino Capretti rotated after the 0: 1 against the SV Meppen on three positions: laugh, Corboz and Putaro started instead of the yellow-locked Ezekwem as well as Mirchev and Petkov, who took place on the bank.

????Große Trauer: Die neusten News zu Michael Schumacher bringen alle zum Weinen

The guest from Ostwestfalen launched cheeky – and successful: According to Baack’s first warning shot (5.), a flank of Rabihic headed up close proximity to the early guidance in the stitches (6th). Eintracht did hard against guard Verner and found only after a quarter of an hour better into the game.

But the first good chance was waiting: After 30 minutes, Müller lit a volley, the sustained braces defused. For the following trials of Lauberbach (34.) and electricity (35.) the keeper was not required. On the opposite side, Sapina awarded the huge chance to the 2-0 exactly on Fejzic (37.). The final point in a good first half set Müller to the Verler external network (42.).

VER comes printed out of pause – but henning meets

After the side change, the dominance of the guests were initially surprised instead of an Eintracht offensive. Verlus, the householders were strong in distress for ten minutes, Lannert (48.), Putaro (50th) and potar (55th) could not use good opportunities. Instead, a braven-zergan attacked the game on the head: First, the substitute Kobylanski shot at the outer post, then Henning enforced from a few meters to compensate (59.).

But lost no loose and pressed further on the second goal. Lannert awarded from the distance (62), marriage Henning Corboz invited with a bad mistake, but was saved from the outer post (68.). Even in the final phase, mainly the sports club played, but the opportunity recovery continued to grind. The substitute Berlin Ski (74.), Putaro (79., 85.) and RabiHic (88.) could not overcome fejzic each.

The last chance of the game put Kobylanski over it (90. + 2), so it stayed for the Braunschweig 1: 1. The lions conquer the 3rd place of Saarbrücken, while VERVER passes the relegation platform to Halle.

Braunschweig receives the TSV 1860 Munich on Sunday (1 pm) in the “Löwen-duel”. The SC Ver is already receiving the direct competitor from Halle on Saturday (14 clock).