Last summer, the FC Schalke 04 tried in vain to get center-back Oman Kayak permanently from the salary list. Instead of a sale finally only a loan change over the stage. According to current rumors, Schalke could now keep a transfer at short notice.

After the descent into the 2nd Bundesliga, everyone involved in FC Schalke 04 immediately clearly clear that Oman Kayak will no longer bear the royal blue jersey. Too high is his salary, too important the possible transfer fee for the empty Schalke coffers.

Ultimately, Norwich City from the English Premier League secured the services of the Turkish national player – but merely lending. For a fee of four million euros, Kayak remained in England, where he had previously launched as a listing player for the FC Liverpool.

The Kayak lending is associated with a purchase obligation of 13 million euros, Norwich should play first-class in the 2022/23 season.

As currently, among other things, the portal “” reports, the Turkish league leader Trabzonspor will now be interested in a commitment of Kayak.

The Istanbul Club should be in search of a new center-back. After Sassoon Calico remained in a possible commitment of the ex-Schalker Kan Than Star, Kayak was in focus., it says in the room is a lending option.

FC Schalke 04: How is Oman Kayak continue?

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However, according to information from “Picture”, FC Schalke 04 are currently no inquiries for Kayak.

Realistic is not such a change from England to Turkey anyway, since Trabzonspor probably not approach the financial framework conditions of the current agreement with Norwich City.

Again a topic is likely to be Kayak on Schalke only then when the current table-17. The Premier League at the end of the playing time has to start the course in the second league. In this case, the purchase obligation expires, and it would have to be negotiated.

At the royal blue, Kayak has another contract until 2024.