The controversy Wide Receiver Antonio Brown would like to play next for the Baltimore Ravens. The reason: Quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Antonio Brown takes place after his inglorious departure at the Tampa Such Buccaneers in position for another commitment in the NFL. In the i at the athlete Podcast he was now asked with which quarterback he would like to play next. His answer: Lamar Jackson.


Brown justified the statement that Jackson was a great quarterback and a dynamic playmaker.

Jackson himself does not seem to be averse to this personnel and returned a corresponding video podcast of the podcast with an Emoji on Twitter.

What the Ravens consider as an organization of this idea is unclear. However, there is a connection to the team for off – his cousin Marquise Brown has been Wide Receiver of Ravens since 2020. And that has been training since college times in the off season.

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Hollywood Brown took praising words for the former player of Pittsburgh Steelers in front of his rookie season: A guy who gets the best out of you, said Brown I feel that he could fit in this cabin. He is a competitor. He goes out and gives you 100 percent. And that would bring other guys to do the same.