Began Vernal lay pain plagued on the asphalt, the large dent at the rear of the car parked in front of him witnessed from the immense force of the impact, the worried looks of his teammates were badly guessed. The reigning Giro winner and former Tour DE-France Champion has gained serious injury during a training crash in his home state of Colombia.

List of blessings is long – right leg must be fixed

The list of pressures reads terrible: The 25-year-old from Team Ines Grenadiers suffered fractures on a swirl, on the right thigh, on the right kneecap and at several ribs and a violation of the lungs. In two operations, the right leg were fixed and the fluid fraction stabilized. Vernal’s condition is stable, but it is located for observation on the intensive care unit in the nearby Bogotá University Clinic La Sabina.

Vernal is now for at least three more days in the intensive care unit. After surgery on the chest still, the clinic informed that the functionality and neurological integrity could be obtained. The consequences for his life and his career are not foreseeable at all. That Vernal is once again at a race this year sounds at least unlikely.

The accident occurred in the approximately 30 kilometers from the capital Bogotá, Gachancipa. According to local transport authorities, Vernal bounced on a bus when the vehicle stopped at a stop. In social networks circulated photos of the accident site.


The crash remembers the heavy crash of the former Ines driver Chris From. The four-time tour winner was captured in June 2019 at the Dauphiné at the distance of the individual time trial of a winded and hurled against a house wall. Among other things, From had suffered a complicated thigh fragment and could not reach his earlier performance level today. Whether this fate threatens Vernal, is completely open. At least the 25-year-old is likely to benefit from the fact that at the time of his accident, it was almost ten years younger than From.