For all medieval and simulator fans, autumn stops a bit great on Steam. The game Normand recalled at Rim world appears. What exactly is it, let’s take a closer look at us now.

Stories like in Game of Thrones

If you have always wanted a cute optics Game-of-Thrones simulator , Normand is just right for you.

The PC game from the Developer Studio Long Jaunt is one of Crusader Kings, Rim world and Caesar Inspired urban building simulation, which is intended to start at Steam on fall 2022. (Source: Steam)

You manage a noble family in the Middle Ages, which is the rulers of a whole city full of different characters. These have all individual needs and behaviors that are composed of their social status and their characteristics.

In doing so, randomly generated stories arise, which enhance your kingdom of life or even can cost you life yourself. In order to see the scary activities with his own eyes, you can watch this Revelation Trailer :

What awaits you in Normand?

In Normand, many decisions are waiting for you who want to be taken. The main features of the RPG include:

  • Control the different members of your family and give them tasks

  • Observe how your relationships are changing through love, hatred, friendship, fraud and more

  • Version criminal gesture, take care of the inhabitants and stresses pries

  • Builds an army and defenses, then decides whether your other kingdom is deserved or allied with you

  • Observes power structures, plans intrigue and let enemies murder murder

Builds production chains, increases the population, pays wages, lays prices on the market and deals with caravans

  • Suites you know and technologies, writes it or writes a whole new

  • Makes important decisions at events on the world map

The developers are planning the game without publishing an early access phase , however, due to the complexity, the feedback of the community in internal play tests require. If you do not want to miss this, you can stop by Normand in the discord.

In Normand, the stories are randomly written. But some games do not need a story to work – how This picture section proves: