Although they did not follow the planned path, G2 ESPORTS has achieved its first great goal for the competitive season of Valorant. The organization led by Ocelot sent its franchise player to the bench after the team’s performances put the first great goal. However, already without the captain in the template, they have managed to qualify for the next EMEA Challengers. This tournament, recently announced by Riot Games, debuts during the year 2022 to settle as the great European regional competition and the gateway to intercontinental tournaments.

G2 ESPORTS is saved with Maxwell on the bench


The organization did not have a simple way after having complicated life. After losing in the first closed qualifier, they fell to an open circuit in which 256 teams participated. A fight in the mud who surpassed successfully and allowed them to fight in which it was the definitive opportunity. This time, without yielding a single game, managed to qualify for the fast track after defeating Excel ESports at the end of the winners’ picture by three maps. Secondary participation in an EMEA Challengers for which they have become the ninth team in certifying one of the 12 places.

The group success of G2 ESPORTS could not be understood without the performance of Keloid . Although the French player was very irregular throughout the tournament and had a match to forget against Alliance, in the decisive party before Excel ESPORTS he was able to sign a positive low record and was elected MVP of the tie . A situation that, together with the achievement of the objective, does not aim to give great news with respect to the situation of Maxwell on the team. In fact, the player was moved to the bench right after losing the first edition of this same tournament, which endangered the presence of the club in the Great European League.

During a live broadcast in which IAI Llanos was asked about the possibility that Maxwell Vignette by KOI, the Streamer said that the player’s situation is still not resolved. Despite everything, the player wanted to congratulate his colleagues after the success of him and throughout the week he tried to relax the spirits in the Spanish community, assuring that he did not want to see toxic comments. Although there could be case, the last thing that seem to want all the parties involved is to convert it into a LeBron .