The tablecloth between the FC Barcelona and Humane Dembélé has long been cut: the club announced on his homepage, the separation from the little-dedicated wing storm and explained, he hopes that they were still realizable in winter, replied, he did not want to blackmail leave. Nevertheless, the French should now offer two ways to escape the nightmare at Barça.


With the FC Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund, two teams with high demands should strive for Dembélé. That wants the admittedly very busy portal Don Salon experienced.

Even Don Salon admits that the BVB is the diffuser option. However, a player like Dembélé in his own ranks would be a considerable thrust for the Dortmund. In addition, it is wooded that it could delete the 24-year-old enormously, with the BVB in the Europa League possibly the opportunity to be to the Hunker for the FC Barcelona. The Catalans are also in competition.

BVB return probably hardly more than a wild rumor

However, one has to suspect that the rumors in Dortmund cause little more than a tired smile. Because Dembélé is not an unknown at the BVB during the BVB. The black and yellow obligated the offensive player 2016 for a whopping 35 million euros from State Rennes, thus landing an absolute coup and tinted Dembélé ultimately no tear.

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Although Dembélé in the BVB jersey, from the beginning, converted exceptional services on the lawn, when at the end of his debut season, however, rumors came up with the interest of absolute top clubs, Dembélé emphasized that he wants to leave the club and was sometimes no longer findable.

Ultimately, the Russia gave the pressure, but the farewell to Barça could be sweetened with a return of 145 million euros. An investment that Barcelona is now bitterly regret.

That’s why Dembélé could agree to change

However, it is not possible to point out that a Dembélé in top form would be a real reinforcement for the BVB. However, this would not be favorable. Barça was to be just looking for a buyer who takes over the salary of the national player until the end of his contract period in summer, but for half a year, but still up to ten million euros will be due.

It is much more realistic with a commitment to the FC Chelsea. There, Dembélé would not only meet coach Thomas Tuchel, who already coaches him in Dortmund, the content of the right-wing outside is not a great hurdle for the reigning Champions League winner.

Speaking of salary: can not be ruled out that Dembélé stays in Barcelona to not give the ingenuity to the already crude to save his salary until the end of the season. Then he can change free shipping anyway. However, this would be synonymous with a lost half of the year, probably a fat set in the fight for participation in the World Cup in November.