A winning streak, likewise referred to as a win touch or hot streak, is a nonstop sequence of success in games or competitions, commonly measured by wins that are continuous by losses or ties/draws. In league relegateds, it can be put on teams, and also individuals. In league relegateding activities where groups or individuals stand for teams such as nations or areas, those teams can also be claimed to have winning touches if their reps win successive games or competitors, also if the rivals are various. Touches can also be related to specific competitions: for instance, a rival that wins an event in three successive Olympic Gaming has an Olympic winning streak, also if they have actually shed other competitions during the period.

First league relegated Welder Bremen continued his winning streak in the 2nd football Bundesliga. At the start of the new year, the Hanseatic data with 3: 0 (0: 0) against Fortuna Düsseldorf sat down.

With 32 points, the Veterans are advanced in third place after the fourth threesome in a row.

However, it took until the 66th minute before Nicolas Fulcrum achieved the 1-0 by head. The impartial gave the hit after video proof, the flank came from Marvin Duck sch, whose supposedly 2-0 was not given in the 73rd minute after video proof because of a distance position.

Previously, the Düsseldorf had lost in the 58th Minute Kristopher Peterson after a gross foul against Felix AGU via red card. Duck sch’s hit in the 80th minute was regular, Fuller put his second goal after (87.).

Fortuna breaks up after point reference

Already in the ninth minute, the hosts had the first chance of Fuller. His header was just over at the gate.

Only six minutes later Leonardo asked the next opportunity for the SV Welder on the foot. However, he hesitated a little too long, so that the ball was still felled down and swirls.

In the 20th minute Duck sch had the 1-0 for Bremen also on the foot. Düsseldorf’s goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier steered the ball to Duck sch’s direct loss over the latte.

Only after half an hour the Rhine countries could make the game a little more open. To the course, the guests held well with, but tenth lost the thread and barely did a resistance.