Valve announced the results of each department of STEAM Award 2021 on January 4. Biohazard Village won Biohazard Village in the Game Jobshare section, and in the department, Terrain has finally passed through a few nominations.

The STEAM Award is an annual event every year that determines the best games by user vote. In the first time, such as the first of 2016, a humorous sector was lined with a humorous division such as Awards in Dokan and Awards for 5 minutes. Since the previous year, we continued to sit down and relax, and have a division of a unique cutout, and was voted at all 10 categories. First, it won the game of the game of this year Biohazard Village. Besides, the Cyberpunk 2077 and the indie studio development survival game Latham, which are released in the end of 2020, etc. are nominated.

Next, Terrain was awarded in Working in Love section. In this department, a long run work is chosen that keeps updating over the long term and continues to be loved by the fan. This work continued to overplay many free updates since the 2011 release. In 2020, we deliver the final update that is notified of Journey’s End (the end of the journey). However, even after that, updates such as collaboration content with Don’t Starve Together continue too sporadically. Past STEAM Awards are often nominated, and this time was finally the first award.

IT Takes Two shines to the seat of I want to play with friends. This work has won GOT at the Game Awards 2021 and is awarded as a two-player title. The most innovative gameplay department won the assassination FPS DECATHLON that repeats life and death loops. The Excellent Visual Style section wins the open world drive game Fora Horizon 5, and the VR Game Lobster section was chosen. Cooking Simulator VR was chosen.

The Best Soundtrack section has selected Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy featuring a number of musician music such as kisses and culture clubs. The Excellent Story Game department won Cyberpunk 2077 nominated for game of the game. This work was pointed out after released, and the evaluation was sluggish. This award would have continuous correction and improvement. The Unknown Best Game division that chooses your favorite game while struggling is Nigh 2 Complete Edition. Farming Simulator 22 was chosen to explode popular after the delivery of November last year, relaxing and relaxing division.

Besides, details such as nominated works should be checked on page 2021. Also, in Steam, the winter sale is being conducted until 3 am January 6th. In this journal, we introduce works that can be enjoyed at less than 5 hours and works that can be enjoyed for more than 20 hours and 20 hours for more than 20 hours mainly in indie works. I would like to refer to the purchase as a result of this STEAM award.