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Strategy ADV Leading Strategy ADV “Home Behind 2” February 16th-Last chance that can be purchased at discounted prices before raising price

TPP Studio has announced a formal release date on February 16th on STEAM on Jan.22 January 221 January 221.

This work takes a strategy forces to attract the carrier dominated by the dictator Nakamura and aim to break up the government forces. By exploring a ringlike element and searching for a randomly generated map, you can collect various equipment with different capabilities from old-fashioned things to the prototyping stage and strengthen the unit.

In addition, a 2022 roadmap is also released at the same time as the official release date announcement. In February 2022, the addition of stories / side missions, bosses, jobs and skills, 2022 Q2 has optional tactics, vehicle weapons and accessories, random events and NPC additions, and three in 2022 Q3 The addition of jobs and skills, regional features, camps and news events is scheduled to add collectives, side missions and bosses to 2022 Q4.

After early access, the price will be raised to 19.99 dollars (about 2,300 yen for Japanese yen). STEAM New Year Sale, which will be held until 3 am on February 4, the last discount will be the last discount, and this work can be purchased at 1,140 yen (tax included) of 25% off. You can also receive an additional 5% discount by purchasing a bundle set with the previous work “Home Behind”.

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“Home Behind 2” is early access in Steam at 1,520 yen (tax included). According to the Steam Store page, it supports Japanese interface / subtitles.

FC Schalke 04: Millions

Last summer, the FC Schalke 04 tried in vain to get center-back Oman Kayak permanently from the salary list. Instead of a sale finally only a loan change over the stage. According to current rumors, Schalke could now keep a transfer at short notice.

After the descent into the 2nd Bundesliga, everyone involved in FC Schalke 04 immediately clearly clear that Oman Kayak will no longer bear the royal blue jersey. Too high is his salary, too important the possible transfer fee for the empty Schalke coffers.

Ultimately, Norwich City from the English Premier League secured the services of the Turkish national player – but merely lending. For a fee of four million euros, Kayak remained in England, where he had previously launched as a listing player for the FC Liverpool.

The Kayak lending is associated with a purchase obligation of 13 million euros, Norwich should play first-class in the 2022/23 season.

As currently, among other things, the portal “” reports, the Turkish league leader Trabzonspor will now be interested in a commitment of Kayak.

The Istanbul Club should be in search of a new center-back. After Sassoon Calico remained in a possible commitment of the ex-Schalker Kan Than Star, Kayak was in focus., it says in the room is a lending option.

FC Schalke 04: How is Oman Kayak continue?

Emotional Good Bye - Best FC Schalke 04 Goals of the last 30 Years
However, according to information from “Picture”, FC Schalke 04 are currently no inquiries for Kayak.

Realistic is not such a change from England to Turkey anyway, since Trabzonspor probably not approach the financial framework conditions of the current agreement with Norwich City.

Again a topic is likely to be Kayak on Schalke only then when the current table-17. The Premier League at the end of the playing time has to start the course in the second league. In this case, the purchase obligation expires, and it would have to be negotiated.

At the royal blue, Kayak has another contract until 2024.

3. League | Lock for the BVB

The 1st FC Magdeburg once again set an exclamation mark in the 3rd football league and underpinned his ascent ambitions.

The sovereign leaders won 5: 0 (3: 0) for the crisis MSV Duisburg and now has eleven points ahead of his first pursuer. This is the 1st FC Saarbrücken, which won 2-0 (0: 0) against Borussia Dortmund II and thus the 1st FC Kaiserslautern in place three puzzled.

But the Palatines have completed a game less and could refill on Saturday (2 pm / magenta) against Halleschen FC. Contract Braunschweig, as a fourth also in the ascent race, left the 0: 1 (0: 1) at FSV Zwickau somewhat surprisingly points.

In the table cellar it remains gloomy for the TSV Averse. The 0: 1 (0: 1) against SV When Wiesbaden was the already 15th defeat – in the 23rd game. The distance to the first non-default place is further eight meters, because the table-16 also. SC Very at the 0: 1 (0: 1) against the SV Happen did not score.

In Duisburg, Satsuma ITO (10.) brought the guests in the morning in the morning, which briefly after the red card against MSV goalkeeper Leo wine purchase (23rd) also acted in parcels. The leader used this advantage: Tobias Müller (32.), Connor Krempicki (45. + 4), Basis BATIK (50th) and Kai Bunker (85th) achieved the other goals for Magdeburg. Duisburg, on the other hand, floats as 18th further in the risk of reliance.

NBA News: Format der Rising Stars Challenge am All-Star

The NBA will change the format of the Rising Stars Challenge this season during the all-star weekend. Among other things, the talents of the G-League team of NBA are allowed to measure with the best rookies and sophomores.

As the NBA announced, the format of the event is completely changed. Over the past few years, the best American talents were met on Team World, with only players allowed to participate, which were maximum in their second NBA year.

There will be nothing to change, but there will now be four small mini teams with seven players, which put together as follows. Twelve rookie, twelve sophomores and four players from the G-League Ignite will participate. The rookies and sophomores are chosen by the NBA Assistant Coaches, the Ignite players from the G-League coaches.

The format provides that there are two semi-finals and then a final. In the semifinals, the team wins, which first reaches 50 points, in the finals already enough 25 meters.

There will also be a throw competition between the semifinals and the final. Purple of various positions must be taken, which have provided for iconic moments during the NBA playoffs. There will be four two-way teams who need to try to meet these litters as soon as possible.

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The all-star weekend is scheduled for this season from 18 to 20 February in Cleveland, with the Rising Stars Challenge traditionally take place on Friday. Saturday remains unaffected with the Skills Challenge, the 3-Point Contest and Slam Dunk Contest, the same applies to the All-Star Game on Sunday.

Great worries after two operations: Bernal stays in intensive care

Began Vernal lay pain plagued on the asphalt, the large dent at the rear of the car parked in front of him witnessed from the immense force of the impact, the worried looks of his teammates were badly guessed. The reigning Giro winner and former Tour DE-France Champion has gained serious injury during a training crash in his home state of Colombia.

List of blessings is long – right leg must be fixed

The list of pressures reads terrible: The 25-year-old from Team Ines Grenadiers suffered fractures on a swirl, on the right thigh, on the right kneecap and at several ribs and a violation of the lungs. In two operations, the right leg were fixed and the fluid fraction stabilized. Vernal’s condition is stable, but it is located for observation on the intensive care unit in the nearby Bogotá University Clinic La Sabina.

Vernal is now for at least three more days in the intensive care unit. After surgery on the chest still, the clinic informed that the functionality and neurological integrity could be obtained. The consequences for his life and his career are not foreseeable at all. That Vernal is once again at a race this year sounds at least unlikely.

The accident occurred in the approximately 30 kilometers from the capital Bogotá, Gachancipa. According to local transport authorities, Vernal bounced on a bus when the vehicle stopped at a stop. In social networks circulated photos of the accident site.


The crash remembers the heavy crash of the former Ines driver Chris From. The four-time tour winner was captured in June 2019 at the Dauphiné at the distance of the individual time trial of a winded and hurled against a house wall. Among other things, From had suffered a complicated thigh fragment and could not reach his earlier performance level today. Whether this fate threatens Vernal, is completely open. At least the 25-year-old is likely to benefit from the fact that at the time of his accident, it was almost ten years younger than From.

NFL: Antonio Brown would like to play with Lamar Jackson at the Baltimore Ravens

The controversy Wide Receiver Antonio Brown would like to play next for the Baltimore Ravens. The reason: Quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Antonio Brown takes place after his inglorious departure at the Tampa Such Buccaneers in position for another commitment in the NFL. In the i at the athlete Podcast he was now asked with which quarterback he would like to play next. His answer: Lamar Jackson.


Brown justified the statement that Jackson was a great quarterback and a dynamic playmaker.

Jackson himself does not seem to be averse to this personnel and returned a corresponding video podcast of the podcast with an Emoji on Twitter.

What the Ravens consider as an organization of this idea is unclear. However, there is a connection to the team for off – his cousin Marquise Brown has been Wide Receiver of Ravens since 2020. And that has been training since college times in the off season.

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Hollywood Brown took praising words for the former player of Pittsburgh Steelers in front of his rookie season: A guy who gets the best out of you, said Brown I feel that he could fit in this cabin. He is a competitor. He goes out and gives you 100 percent. And that would bring other guys to do the same.

BVB bosses obviously to Adeyemi

Football Bundesligaister Borussia Dortmund apparently prepares more and more on a possible farewell to Superstar Erlang Haaland in the coming summer. As a successor, Karim Adam has been traded at BVB for months, now new movement comes into the transfer personnel.

Borussia Dortmund’s Football Bundesligaisters director Michael Zorn and its designated successor Sebastian Keel, according to Sky, flown to Salzburg to talk to concrete conversations with Karim Adam’s employer about a possible change. On Monday, the back in Dortmund, which is responsible for the barrel planning of the BVB, had landed.

According to the TV channel, there should be an agreement between the young international and Russia for quite some time that a transfer is arranged after the current season. Picture already spoke last December from a fundamental agreement on a five-year contract, although the kicker was still open to the race for the attacker. Although there are a lot for the BVB, an agreement is not yet done.

Keel About Adam: Try to make our homework

In addition, the review club could not agree with RB Salzburg, where Adam is under contract until 2024. To what extent the black yellow is now a step further after visiting the Mozartstadt, Sky could not perform any closer.

Salzburg demands media reports between 30 and 40 million euros for the attacker. In addition to Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig are considered to be a prospective customer, but the Ruhrpottklub should keep the best cards in his hands.

Responsible for the persistent interest in Adam, the Sebastian Keel, currently acting as a license player director, did not want to provide any further information in the Football Bundesligaister1 double pass. Nevertheless, the ex-captain lured out: He is an interesting player, we try to do our homework.

Ten DHB players go on the way home

The positive tested Luca Withe (Leipzig) and Lukas Martens (Magdeburg) traveled on Sunday as well as Christoph Steiner (Erlangen), Till Glimpse (Regular), Fibril M’dengue (Porto) and Sebastian Firer (Erlangen).

Like DHB sports director Axel Kramer after the Sweden game (21:25) announced, four more national players will leave the German EM district in Bratislava on Monday. Two candidates will remain here, where we still have the hope that they may be able to run against Russia, said Kramer.

Even on Friday, national coach Alfred Gílson had expressed hope for a return of some positively tested players. However, the comeback of Hendrik Wagner, who was allowed to leave Corona isolation after two negative PCR tests as the first DHB actor and gave his EM debut on Sunday evening, did not run as desired.

Overall, there were 13 corona cases in the German team so far, including several power carriers such as goalkeepers Andreas Wolff, the back room players Julius Kuhn and Kai Hefner and right outside Time Fastening. We all have presented ourselves something else for this tournament, but of course, in advance, we have prepared us on return journey from infections, Kramer said, We wish all the mild lovers as possible and a quick return on one hundred percent fitness.

Medical release necessary

The return journey has also been accelerated because for the Grow the positively tested players the opportunities for a re-entry into the tournament dwindle. After two negative PCR tests, a medical release would also be necessary. This would be based on a sports medical and cardio logical examination in the Universityikum Vienna – at Wagner there was the release. The rest is known.

Special Middle Ages

For all medieval and simulator fans, autumn stops a bit great on Steam. The game Normand recalled at Rim world appears. What exactly is it, let’s take a closer look at us now.

Stories like in Game of Thrones

If you have always wanted a cute optics Game-of-Thrones simulator , Normand is just right for you.

The PC game from the Developer Studio Long Jaunt is one of Crusader Kings, Rim world and Caesar Inspired urban building simulation, which is intended to start at Steam on fall 2022. (Source: Steam)

You manage a noble family in the Middle Ages, which is the rulers of a whole city full of different characters. These have all individual needs and behaviors that are composed of their social status and their characteristics.

In doing so, randomly generated stories arise, which enhance your kingdom of life or even can cost you life yourself. In order to see the scary activities with his own eyes, you can watch this Revelation Trailer :

What awaits you in Normand?

In Normand, many decisions are waiting for you who want to be taken. The main features of the RPG include:

  • Control the different members of your family and give them tasks

  • Observe how your relationships are changing through love, hatred, friendship, fraud and more

  • Version criminal gesture, take care of the inhabitants and stresses pries

  • Builds an army and defenses, then decides whether your other kingdom is deserved or allied with you

  • Observes power structures, plans intrigue and let enemies murder murder

Builds production chains, increases the population, pays wages, lays prices on the market and deals with caravans

  • Suites you know and technologies, writes it or writes a whole new

  • Makes important decisions at events on the world map

The developers are planning the game without publishing an early access phase , however, due to the complexity, the feedback of the community in internal play tests require. If you do not want to miss this, you can stop by Normand in the discord.

In Normand, the stories are randomly written. But some games do not need a story to work – how This picture section proves:

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic pushes bar from Zakaria

Playback midfielder Denis Bavaria is on the transfer market. For weeks, the Swiss has held the change rumors. Not excluded that he leaves Russia even before the deadline end of January. In this case, however, FC Bayern has an option away.

Denis Bavaria will not change to the German record champion in winter, as Bayerns council Hasan Salihamidzic clarified on Sunday. FC Bayern had then sovereign the duel at Bertha BSC with 4: 1 (2: 0) won.

Addressed by DAZN on a possible Bavaria change in the coming week, the Bonier became clear: We are very, very well occupied. We have a good troop that stands. Nothing will happen.

Whether Bavaria leaves the crisis Niederrheiner before expiration of the change period, is further open. Most recently, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United or Juventus Turin were also mentioned as possible customers. Similar to the Munich, the BVB bosses had recently shown very well with regard to any winter reinforcement.

Since the working paper in Playback is not extended, Bavaria can be transferred to a new club at the latest in the summer.

Also Manuel New sees no transfer needs for Bavaria

However, FC Bayern is apparently not on a further position: despite the heart muscle inflammation of Alphonso Davies, Hasan Salihamidzic sees no need on the left defense side. We are well occupied. We have Lucas Hernández, we have Omar Richards, says the Bayerns board: Of course, we lack Phone. But it’s just about his health, we will give him as much time as it works.

Salihamidzic can put on transfer questions meanwhile on the support of his captain Manuel new. The final man reaffirmed after the game at Bertha that one has a broad squad. However, the Knockout Games in the Champions League are still on: Then the chaff is disconnected from wheat.

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