Adverser, consultant, Mediator. Sylvia Schenck is in demand not only as a sports and human rights expert from Transparency International Germany in associations and clubs, when it comes to the fight against corruption. From 2017 to 2020 she was a member of the Human Rights Advisory Board of FIFA. The lawyer and former Olympic competitor (800-meter race) is heard in the discussions about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In the debate on Qatar Airways as a sponsor of FC Bayern Munich were last quoted like a crown witness. Is that you, Mrs. Schenck?

As chief witness can cite for me like that Bayern bypasses all wrong with his dedicated fans and not only the association democracy but its own sponsor Qatar Airways harm.

The relations of the German record champion at Qatar sees some of his fans have long been a problem. Since when you are dealing directly with this issue?

It started with press inquiries in parallel with the annual winter training camp at Bavaria in 2016 or 2017th 2019 I then first referred me to the fact that the Bureau of the association has submitted promptly and equitable application simply not on the agenda of the General Assembly. At that time I, made sure that the matter was put right back for the next meeting to signal: The theme of the club is not going on.

What has happened in these two years, or in other words: What was missed because ?

After all, this request has been accepted now 2,021st However, the time has not been used since 2019 to develop a concept of human rights and implement them.

Did it now inevitably come to this escalation in the General Assembly?

No. The Bureau could refer to the now accepted proposal as the basis for the responsible use and with the sponsorship of Qatar Airways, instead enforce stubborn his legal position. The unapproved application by Michael Out and his legal defense to the injunction caused the necessary public swirls — has led to willingness to talk of the club — unfortunately only now.

The Bureau could also refer as the basis for the responsible use of the sponsorship by Qatar Airways to the now accepted proposal, rather than enforce stubborn his legal position.

Sylvia Schenck

Can the statutory technical background in this FCB internal conflict explain, so it goes any outsider?

Bavaria e. V. is that its part of the sponsorship agreement with Qatar Airways closed 75 percent majority shareholder of FC Bayern AG. According to Section 15, paragraph 5 of the Articles of Association, the Management for soccer (association of direct and outsourced area)… only task of the Bureau is. Accordingly, the general meeting of the Association for sponsorship contracts the AG is not responsible and Out’s request for a preliminary injunction was denied. Adopted with that of the General Assembly, the bureau, however, rejected the request, the association is committed to respect for all internationally recognized human rights and these rights is committed to respect for one. Additional property now in the statute, Bavaria presents itself as the majority shareholder of FC Bayern Munich AG for the implementation of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations. This is the responsibility of the General Assembly, that the Bureau is now required to develop a concept of human rights and to work accordingly towards the CU.

Can a relatively small part of the members, although well organized, have such a great influence on major decisions of a nearly 300,000-member association?

Who does not come to the General Assembly, should not complain when previously correctly placed on the agenda requests will be decided there? I would be surprised also if the vast majority of the 300,000 members would object that the club is clearly committed to the respect of human rights and acts accordingly as part of the club activities. Incidentally, only individual club members play an active role, which is everywhere.

carries the danger but also not?

Bavaria should be happy, so committed and have obviously competent fans or members. When the guide takes up this sense, that’s a win for everyone.

What is your advice to the Board of FC Bayern?

They should get to work. After all, the DFL-Task Force Future professional football has captured 2021 report published in her early February, how essentially a binding human rights concept.

keyword communication. Just recently, the now ex-CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has honestly and clearly expressed on the importance of this sponsorship yet.

The financial impact does not change the human rights responsibilities of FC Bayern AG as a global business enterprise. The UN guiding principles for business and human rights do not meet such a sponsoring. The AG may undertake and ensure by contract and Qatar Airways to the UN Guiding Principles that they form pilots, women in leadership positions have and z. As the working conditions conform to international standards for used for in-flight catering and cleaning staff. I’m sure sponsors such as Adidas, Allianz, Deutsche Telekom go in their supply chains already so ago. From 2024 AG must Bavaria anyway do after the new supply chain law in Germany.

Football may, where it will meet in their own operations its responsibility, promote respect for human rights and still make money.

Sylvia Schenck

Rummenigge also insisted that fans of one of the most successful clubs in the world continue to expect an absolute top team was referring to.

When Karl-Heinz Rummenigge puts so the financial side to the fore, it reinforces the impression unnecessary, it always goes in football just about money — no matter at whose expense. Football, when he will assume its responsibility in their own operations, promote respect for human rights and still make money.

Should the new CEO Oliver Khan that now explain a top priority, or the club president Herbert Gainer?

Best both work hand in hand. It is not just about external relations. Human rights risks we have in Germany by the Bundesliga. This ranges from sexual violence in the stadium on the working conditions of the security forces dealing with injuries, especially concussions, and the sometimes excessive use of painkillers in the pros. At Bavaria e. V. I have found on the website, although what the child protection, but nothing else.

What do you advise the rebellious in this case fans?

Stay calm, to network with other stakeholders and objectively stay tuned to the subject.

Do you not know that the majority of the Bavaria fans, whether a member or not, the partnerships with Qatar much less critical of us?

That may be so, only criticism helps indeed not. But as far as the attitude to human rights, I have great confidence in the majority of fans.

Can the industry leader in the Bundesliga here still play an exemplary role, with a view to the consideration and application of the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and in a sports company?

It would be a great signal when club and AG were active. That could give impetus to the actions of the DFL as a result of the Task Force report and initiate a differentiated discussion on the human rights responsibilities in the face of the reach of FC Bayern nationally and internationally.

Startup Boards: Board Functions and Responsibilities

How would you rate the state Qatari airline as an expert of Transparency International in the core business of your organization?

In the Corruption Perception Index, the corruption ranking of Transparency International, Qatar is 63 out of 100 points at No. 30, Germany with 80 points in 9th place, the United States is with 67 points 25th place These are not huge differences. A corruption case of Qatar Airways is unknown to me. On the website of the company much is the CO2 footprint, that is on environmental issues, social aspects are briefly discussed, but not explicitly human rights. Just as Bayern could start as a sponsoring partner.

Sports and human rights expert from Transparency International Germany: Sylvia Schenck. Getty Images

in Munich Where an alternate conflict out within the overall debate on the 2022 World Cup?

It is part of the overall discussion, but Bavaria carries its own responsibility.

So the basic issue new standards and values ​​in partnerships of clubs and sponsors?

Yes, but not only at professional clubs. ESG, i.e. Environment — Social Governance, is now an essential assessment scale in financial investors worldwide. If professional sport is not put in dependence on dubious lenders as oligarchs or autocratic rulers, government agents will go, no way around it to apply ESG criteria. This also looks DFL Task Force report that.

Is the attention, not to say mindfulness, the audience is larger now and in the future than the known above all football so far? So we have less, but rather to do with Zeitgeist with a turning point?

If I look at the current global challenges of politics, as they have also found their rainfall in the coalition agreement of the traffic light, then the fight against climate change with social protection and the protection of human rights is integrally connected, as well as governance in the sense of a rule of law oriented Leadership.

In one year, the tournament in Qatar will be over again. How do you appreciate the situation of human rights today and how the ongoing debate about it in public?

The debate as such is helpful. Without the award of the World Cup and the criticism caused by this, there would have been no pressure on FIFA. Although the decision of FIFA was wrong at that time, because the human rights situation was not taken into account from the beginning, the intensive work of construction unions in the safety of the construction sites and working conditions could be moved a lot. This is far from western European standards, especially for domestic workers and generally women’s rights remain a lot to do, as well as in terms of the situation of homosexuals. But Qatar lies in the golf region in front. Above all, we should not abandon the migrant workers, but demand the further implementation of the measures introduced.

Why is the volume criticism of a World Cup in Qatar from Germany?

We sometimes tend to be very too white in Germany for black and white thinking and do not allow us to develop developments that now need time. In addition, generally processes of sustainability or change management, including the UN guiding principles, are not so widely known for us as I experience it in the discussion abroad. We now have to go through a transformation process in business, politics and society, if we want to stop climate change — I hope that we are patient with us than with the cat aria.

The biggest problem is the UEFA. This has adopted a sustainability strategy far below international human rights standards.

Sylvia Schenck

What does the DFB have to learn from views of the EUR0 2024 today? Or do the Germans do everything better anyway with major events?

In the DFB there is a human rights concept, the preparation of the euro takes into account the UN guiding principles. In Germany, we also have racism and sexualized violence in stadiums or precarious employment relationships, for example, under construction, cleaning and safety industry. The biggest problem is the UEFA. On 16 December, a sustainability strategy is far below the international standards for human rights. Since the FIFA and the DFB are long further. UEFA assumes no responsibility for human rights in its core business, but above all operates cosmetics.

Interview: Jörg Jakob

The interview first appeared in the Monday edition of the General Assembly of 20 December.