This listing of iPhone video games lists computer game launched on the iPhone operating system (especially on Apple iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch). For a problem for consistency, the list makes use of the French names of the games, if this name exists.

Have you always dreamed of becoming manager of an electronic sports team? Do you want to make your own League of Legends template, aligning the best available professional players? Do you want to be the ocelot of LOL Manager, or dedicate yourself more to the technical part?

As this is now possible with League Manager 2022, a game of Electronic Sports Equipment Management in Football Manager. We will not hide it, it is undoubtedly a product inspired by the competitive scene of League of Legends, and which pushes a little beyond the license announced by Riot Games in 2019, which at the moment is only available in China, when giving up the factor Geisha and betting on the purest simulation.

An anticipated access with work ahead

After a concise description on his Steam page page, we have a half-cook game. This is understandable, when dealing with an advance access, but if you buy it, keep it in mind that at the moment it only has this content:

Four Large Leagues — LACK, LEC, LPL and LCS

League Manager 2022 Early Access Gameplay (Esports Manager)
Approximately 600 players and coaches.
40 teams
59 Champions

Although it is far at the content level, yes that reminds us of those games born from the success of Football Manager, and that they emulate another sport. As Pro Basketball Manager or others. The content seems scarce, and t ode the players have false names at the PES style a few years ago. However, this would be somewhat less dramatic after opening the workshop and allowing players to edit the database.

AG Soft, the study in charge of this project, is from South Korea. There the League of Legends is religion, so it has all the sense that it has ended up being where it crystallizes a project as well. On your store page they talk about 4 to 5 months of anticipated access, during which they want to improve aspects such as the amount of content, players and equipment, as well as game systems and more. You can check your Official Forum in Korean.

We do not know if Riot Games will be taken to this work, as it is based on League of Legends, and if you will send a cessation and dismissal letter. But if the game ends up being interesting after several months, it would be good that they added them into their studio portfolio, and they gave them time and resources to create a level product of level.

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