Henry William Dallies Cavils (; birthed 5 Might 1983) is a British star. He is recognized for his representation of Charles Brandon in Outset’s The Tudors (2007– 2010), DC Comic books personality Superman in the DC Extended Universe, Gerald of Trivia in the Netflix fantasy series The Witcher (2019– existing), as well as Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix movie Nola Holmes (2020).
Cavils began his career with duties in the function adjustments of The Count of Monte Crisco (2002) and I Catch the Castle (2003). He later on represented sustaining duties in a number of television series, including BBC’s The Assessor Lynda Mysteries, ITV’s Isomer Murders, and also Outset’s The Tudors. He has actually since appeared in various significant studio films, such as Tristan & Isolde (2006), Stardust (2007), Blood Creek (2009), Immortals (2011), The Cold Light of Day (2012), Sand Castle (2017) and also Evening Hunter (2018).
Cavils gained worldwide acknowledgment with his function as Superman in the DC Extended Universe superhero films Male of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) as well as Justice League (2017). He likewise starred in the action spy movies The Guy from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) and also Objective: Difficult– Fallout (2018).

Last week, Henry Cavils (again) the heart of many fans was stolen after explaining to a TV presenter the difference between World of Warcraft and Warhammer. Well recently, the British actor He expressed his wishes for participating in a Live-Action project of Warhammer, either a film or series.

As part of a new interview with IGN, Cavils said he would love to be part of a series or movie Live-Action of Warhammer, although he still is not one hundred percent sure of Which character he could interpret:

There are many characters in the Warhammer universe that I would like to be. But I can only choose one, I could not be the others anymore. So if I ever went to happen, if there was any Live-Action project, I would have to be very aware of that.

Warhammer is very rich in terms of character, especially the universe of 40k. I guess I could interpret a character from Warhammer Fantasy and another of the 40K universe, but I’m just dreaming. I would have to talk with the people of Games Workshop and see what comes out.

Of course, this does not necessarily say that there is already a Live-Action of Warhammer in development, but as today all video game must have a series or movie, maybe it will not happen too long before we see A Cavils Interpret one of the characters in this universe.

Editor’s Note: In addition to being a great actor, it is seen that Cavils really studies the characters to whom he interprets. At The Witcher, it is said that the actor contributed a lot to Gerald’s development during the filming, this due to the knowledge he obtained by having played the CPR games previously.