BIG RUMORS On Star Wars Eclipse - 3-4 Years Away + MORE!
Nathalie Cox is a starlet as well as British model, likewise referred to as Natalie Cox. She is acknowledged by her function of Juno Eclipse in the Star Wars computer game: The Pressure Unleashed and also her follow-up, along with her function in Ridley Scott Kingdom of Paradise.

As part of the Game Awards 2021, the QUANTICO DREAM team announced the next large project of the studio with Star Wars Eclipse. According to the statements of industry insider Tom Henderson, players need to wait for a while for a while. Accordingly, the release of Star Wars Eclipse should be at least three to four years away. Henderson has already betrayed first details about the Sci-Fi title before unveiling the new project from Quantico Dream.

For history, the team is responsible in Paris. Even Studio boss David Cage should be involved in the project. However, Quantico Dream is currently difficult to hire new developers. Dozens of job advertisements can be found currently on the website. It is quite possible that the reports on toxic working conditions from the past make their contribution here. Another problem with which Quantico Dream is currently struggling to fight, be the internal CD Engine. Star Wars Eclipse is supposed to become an open-world game — a genre for which the video engine was originally not designed. Quantico Dream was most recently responsible for games like Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls.

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