As already at the 6: 0-edge victory in Mönchengladbach there it was his debut goal — Schlotterbeck joined the TSG as a scorer on Saturday. After the early residue, the 22-year-old brought his team back into play in the middle of the first passage after a corner.

However, Schlotterbeck did not get in the square that the game was lost in the end. The native Schwa be had injured himself in the second round in a highly risky rescue patient against Cofferdam Georgina Butter in his own penalty area at the ankle. After a long treatment break, he could only leave the field based on caregivers, his place took his brother Keven.

NICO SCHLOTTERBECK - Insane Defensive Skills - 2021 - German Elite Defender (HD)
There is still a precise diagnosis. There must be pictures of the ankle, said prank after the game. At the sports club, which starts at Union Berlin on Wednesday in the further course of the English week and then welcomes Bayer Leverkusen, Schlotterbeck stood in all 15 seasonal games on the lawn and proved to be absolute power carrier (debut goal-notes cut 2.57).