Warhammer Online: Age of Projection, Abbreviated Battle, is an MMORPG computer game (massively multiplayer on the internet function play) Established by Mythic Entertainment as well as motivated by the fantastic globe of Warhammer of Gaming Workshop released in 2008 at the end of ‘A lots of years of growth. Warhammer Online intends to move generally to a game of the Kingdom type against Kingdom (RVR), costly concept at Mythic Enjoyment having actually currently made lots of followers with Dark Age of Camelot. Goa (a subsidiary of France Telecom) was the exclusive operator in Europe up until July 7, 2010, when Mythic Home entertainment took control of the exploitation of the game. In September 2013, Electronic Arts revealed the closing of the last web servers as of December 18, 2013. The closing of the web servers occurred as intended.

Warhammer Online (cover picture) should provide the forehead in 2008 to the Genre-Giant Wow the forehead, but the MMORPG was discontinued on 18 December 2013. Since then, the fans of the franchise are waiting for a new MMORPG. Now the company Nixon announced that she got the rights to a new Warhammer game. This should be a multiplayer game with a focus on EVE.

What will that happen for a game? Warhammer: Age of Sigma is developed by the South Korean developer Nixon and Games Workshop, a British company. The goal of the two companies is to bring Warhammer in a new, virtual world on the PC, the consoles and mobile platforms (via Businesslike).

A BIG Campaign Concern... - Warhammer 3
The description of the game in the official press release sounds a bit like a mix of MMORPG and the Chinese role play Genuine Impact:

The new Warhammer game should be a service game with regular new updates
As a genre, enter Eve Multiplayer RPG
It should offer many social features
Players should collect characters in the course of every season and fight with them
Every character has a unique story and own gameplay
The characters should be visually adaptable
The story is the fight against the followers of the Chaos Gods

When will the game appear? Information about a release date is not yet available. However, Warhammer Age of Sigma should appear globally and also translated into English and German languages.

However, more detailed details have not been shared. There are also pictures or video material yet.

Who is behind the game? The company Nixon is known for the development and distribution of MMOs and MMORPGs. They have developed Maple Story, Vindicates, Dragon Nest and Dungeon Fighter online themselves and are publishers of games like Sword and Atlantic online in Korea.

Age of Sigma plays in an almost completely destroyed Warhammer world

What is Age of Sigma? Age of Sigma is a tabletop game that was developed as a successor to Warhammer Fantasy. The first edition appeared in 2015 and was developed by Games Workshop.

Age of Sigma plays for the end Times, an event that almost led to the full destruction of the Warhammer’s world. According to the Lore, the legendary hero Sigma floated aimlessly through space until he was discovered and saved from the Great Sky Dragon Fraction.

This dragon led Sigma to eight rich of mortal beings, which Sigma then was allowed to prevail. He rebuilt the civilizations, but then the forces of the chaos beat again. Exactly against these you should fight well in the MMO.

Warhammer Online still gets updates through fans

What about other Warhammer MMOs? If you do not want to wait until the release of Warhammer Age of Sigma currently has two options:

At the beginning of 2021, Warhammer Odyssey was started. This is a mobile MMORPG, which does not completely dispense with autoplay. However, the Play Store is currently only at 3.1 out of 5 stars.
Alternatively, you can still gamble the old Warhammer online. This is continued as a Return of Reckoning from fans on a private server. They even brought some great innovations for the 13th birthday of the game.

Do you interest in a new Warhammer MMORPG? And are the setting of Age of Sigma and the focus on the EVE? Or would you prefer a more modern version of Warhammer online and a stronger focus on PVP? Write it in the comments.