This is a secret that GameStop is going through a very difficult period. Not only do they bleed money, endlessly, but they have recently received a lot of criticism for the way they treat their employees. During this period when many companies are invited to close for a few weeks (perhaps more), GameStop originally stated that it was an essential service and that it would remain open. It was only after a massive public indignation that they decided to do what was needed. That, my friends, is the perfect example of why they worry. This raises the question: what can GameStop do to prevent their business from sinking and closing its doors permanently? Well, I hope they listen, because we have some ideas that will not fail to help.

If you need to think of something you associate GameStop, outside video games, what would it be? For me, it’s their total lack of respect for their front-line staff. GameStop has had a model of illustration of their employees for years now and until recently, they could get away from it. But while the game industry moves away from traditional paper discs to enter a digital age, GameStop can not really afford negative advertising. Why should players continue to support a giant business with little or no respect for the well-being of their employees when they can get games / equipment elsewhere? In addition, there is research that prove that employee satisfaction leads to better performance, which in turn generally leads to more profits. Ergo, if GameStop wants to earn more, they must better treat their staff!

10 SECRETS Gamestop Doesn't Want You To Know

At this point, why would a player exchange his Xbox One S 1 TB Edition for a $95 ($ $76 $76) store when a used vehicle at GameStop would cost them $229? It’s not realistic and encourages very little players to exchange with GameStop. That said, if GameStop offered better recovery values ​​for old consoles and video games, it is almost guaranteed that more players would start buying again. If you win a free lottery ticket taught us something is that we will always pay this extra dollar or two to get the supplement too. The same goes for purchases somewhere when you have a store credit. You never spend the exact amount, right? By offering more comparable exchange values ​​that individuals could win by selling their online games or consoles, as $120 to $150 for this console, this same person is likely to spend this credit in store and more, more, on GameStop products.