World Champion Magnus Carlson has made a big step towards successful title defense at the Chess World Cup in Dubai.

The Norwegian won the eighth match on Sunday against his challenger Jan Nepomnjaschtschi (Russia) and now leads 5: 3 points. On Monday, the third day of rest is on, before it goes on Tuesday (13.30 clock) with the ninth lot.

After 46 trains and around four hours of playing time, NepomnjaSchi, which lay in a near-hopeless position, Carlson handed the hand and gave the game. Carlson can thus play in the next matches for safety.

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There are a maximum of 14 lots, the initial right changes after each match. For a victory there is a point, for a draw half a half. Those who reached 7.5 points first is world champion. Carlson, who had successfully defended his title in 2014, 2016 and 2018, knows his counterparty since day of day.