According to a new report, the next Battle of Battle is a kind of Heroes shooter and, as expected, battle-the fans are not very happy with this. Battle of battle 2042 was released last month and is a disaster. There is a lot of previous game functions, it has many errors, has important performance problems, and it is not very good either. As a result, your players’ base is being reduced rapidly and your future seems somber. And after listening to this new report, many fanatics are not too excited about the future of the series in general.

The new report is presented on the path of an outstanding informant and filtering industry, Tom Henderson, who built a large part of his reputation on the basis of battle reports and leakage.

The following battle-the title aims to a kind of hero shooter: it is not an elimination of specialists, but an improvement of them, said Henderson. Battle of Battle 2042 Always had the intention of being a trampoline towards a ‘Heroes shooter’ with a Battle Royale. It simply executed badly.

Why Is BATTLEFIELD 2042 Getting So Much HATE?

Henderson continued, warning fans who take this new information with a grain of salt:

It should be said that I take it with a grain of salt, of course, but given that I found out about this last week and with all the announcements of the last days, it makes a lot of sense. Battle of battle 2042 Did it change direction from the beginning, but I can not see that they change it? «

As noted, the report is not sitting well to the fans, and many are concerned about the future of the series. There are some enthusiastic about this report and the possibility that the series will be directed in a new address, but most players simply seem to want a return to the Battle of Old.

I do not want to be that guy but… eh. Battle-battle is never going to be like before, right? The True, Epic Battle of Battle Experience is no longer »Read an answer. We think about battle-the franchise died, but they want to kill her even more. This is not the Battle of Battle once we love. I do not know who wants these specialists, but it’s not me. He reads a second popular response.

At the time of publication, none of the parties involved has commented on any of this. We do not expect this to change, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.