The Protection of Tower (in English Tower Protection), additionally called Vegges for Defense of Torres or Defense Video Clip Games, is a subgenre of the method computer game in which the objective is to defend the areas or belongings of a player with the blockage of the Adversary assaulter, which is generally achieved via the positioning of protective structures around and in its assault course, in spite of the name of the sex the protective components are not always common towers, and also can actually be a vast array of defensive elements, as characters, Frameworks, buildings of various kinds, mineral or veggie components, to name a few. This normally implies constructing a selection of various structures that offer to block, prevent, assault or immediately destroy enemies. The Defense of Torres is viewed as a subgenre of real-time technique video games, as a result of its origins in actual time, although numerous contemporary Torres Defense Video games consist of elements of shift-based method. The calculated choice and also positioning of protective elements is a crucial strategy of sex.
Ryan Clements of IGN attributes the popularity of this computer game to psychology and human vulnerability. The Defense of Torres, according to Clements, plays with our need for safety and security, property and the wish to secure individuals closest to us than They develop from the requirement to produce inherent value through home regarding points, personal space as well as repel our concerns and also instabilities.

CD Project Red has submitted the results of Q3 of 2021, which cover the period between July and September of this year. The benefits of the company rise with respect to last year, but some parties have been resentful, such as GOG, which presents losses much higher than those of 2020.

The report is talked about benefits worth 16.3 million zlotys (3.48 million euros), 30% less than last year even though income has risen 38%, up to 144 million zlotys (30.74 million euros) –

According to the company, the costs associated with updating Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to work in the new generation versions, which will be at the beginning of the next year, are part of the blame for this reduction in net income, even so billionaires. The launch of CYBERPUNK 2077 was far from ideal, with numerous technical problems not yet completely solved that led some companies even to extreme measures: Sony withdrew the game from its store, a situation that lasted until the end of June, in total over medium Year without being able to buy the game on the PlayStation digital platform.

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In addition, CD Project is already working on new projects that have also had an impact on the company’s finances.

Worst stop Sale Gog, the company’s digital store, which presents losses of 4.75 million zlotys (1.02 million euros) despite the fact that revenues rise by 3%, up to 41.8 million zlotys (8.96 million euros). Comparing what we have been from a fiscal year with the same period of the previous year, the GOG omelet has been paid almost entirely: of the benefits of 5.7 million Zlotys (1.22 million euros) that were accounted for among the Q1 and Q3 of 2020 is passed to net losses of 9.21 million Zlotys (1.98 million euros) by 2021.

In the near future of the company are the versions for new generation consoles of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, from which it is said in the report that will have exclusive objects inspired by the Netflix series. It is also mentioned The Molasses Flood, the study by The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow, recently acquired by the Polish company and that works, is said, in a new game based on a CD Project network IP, without specifying.