Tribes of Midgard opens its Period 2: Serpent Saga, on December 14th. This big free update modifications the globe itself, with the enhancement of the Open Seas biome, includes sailing and also swimming, a brand-new Legend manager, and also various other difficulties. For those feeling festive, it additionally ushers in the Holidays event.

The Open Seas biome is a major adjustment since it add the capacity to swim and sail, as well as supplying new surface to explore. Your Vikings will have the ability to construct boats in the shipyard. If your boat takes a hit a lot of, or if you have not constructed your watercraft yet, you can swim. Swimming is limited by your stamina, so it’s primarily great for a much shorter range. Still, these new choices broaden the scope of the video game.

TRIBES OF MIDGARD Season 2 Release Date - Free Update! Sea Serpent Boss! Ships! Swimming And More!
With the upgrade, all worlds will be reset, so you’ll have to restore your Shipyard, once you do that, you’ll have the ability to make use of sources to make watercraft. Your basic shipyard can be utilized to craft smaller, flimsier, yet much faster watercraft with fewer resources. When you level up your shipyard, you’ll have choices to make. You’ll have the ability to make larger, tougher watercraft, with more HP and also capability, however at a higher resource cost.

You can additionally explore the Open Seas while you sail around off the shores of Midgard, finding undiscovered islands. There are new enemies, brand-new merchants, and new Sign Camps. Obviously the capability to check out the Open Seas also features obstacles, like a brand-new Saga employer.

The new boss is a mystical and mythologically-inspired beast. You’ll have to sail to discover its lair and also, in order to do this, you’ll need to make the most of all the shipbuilding, learning how to cruise, and also complete on exploration.

Holidays will return from December 14th via January 3rs and feature cheery rewards, themed challenges, the opportunity to open a brand-new pet dog, cosmetics, and extra.

For more on the Serpent Saga upgrade and upcoming events, head over to Tribes of Midgard.