With the Doffs 2.62 update, Ankara brings great lifting to the all adding cities Mount new contents. Thus, the end-of-year patch follows the tradition of adding a new egg, here the doffs of the nightmare.

DOFFS 2.62: Bonus of the Chapman Doffs


With a new Zone 200 and especially the conclusion of the narrative arc of Apocalypse, a doffs was inevitable. Final reward of 3 years of narration, this one had to mark the shot and therefore propose a bonus… very particular.

If its primary bonus of 1000 initiative seemed to be able to make it interesting on a class majority, the nightmarish has in parallel with very precise combat effects. We will particularly see its usefulness for classes like Zonal, benefiting from the laying of shield and rebuff. However, it will surely stop there. Not only is its males particularly impacting, but its privileged classes circle is very small. Perhaps we will find him for his initiative, but will he really replace the trophies?

DOFFS 2.62 — That happens when?

The update The Lord Conflict will arrive at the end of the year, December 7 to be precise. In addition to the redesign of Bonita and Grammar, it will also bring the end of the narrative arc around the Elioocalypse, the return of Bourbon and many major bulk improvements.