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The gloomy universe of Warhammer 40K unfortunately trailer moves with his Lore and design aesthetics at right ideologies. After an ugly incident at a major tournament in Spain, the developer of the tabletop game gave now a clear statement. What exactly happened and how the world should be interpreted Warhammer 40K, learn it here Mango.

What is Warhammer 40K Warhammer 40,000 — or 40K — originally a table-top game in which players command an army of miniatures and the troops to defeat another player. The setting is located in the distant, very dark future of the 41st millennium.

In the world of Warhammer 40K or less continues to struggle and humanity is ruled by a totalitarian regime that is beset on all sides by aliens and sinister powers.

Warhammer 40K there are big tournaments, in which hundreds of partially meeting of players present their often elaborately painted miniatures and deliver epic battles on the gaming tables.

Suspected right-wing causing trouble on tournament

What happened on the show? At a major tournament with 800 participants in Palaver, Spain, there was an unpleasant incident. A player who was hiding behind the nickname Austrian painter, dipped, according to a report of a Spanish Warhammer blogs (via El Descant del Describe), with fascist and right-wing symbols on his clothes on. Among other things we saw:

A red bundle of arrows on a black background, the symbol of the Flange, a fascist movement in Spain in the 30s.
Before the Flange symbol was a circle with a cross in it, the symbol of the 13th Armored Division of the Armed Forces from the 2nd World War. The division has been associated with war crimes in the Polish campaign, including civilians they should have abused as human shields and intentionally attacked an aid convoy of the Red Cross.
The logo of the 13th Panzer Division was said to be also seen on his miniatures.
In addition, the Austrian painter was also a composite of several swastikas patterns on his sweater.

This flaunt of apparently right-wing and fascist symbolism was not good for some players and at least one player refused to play against the Austrian painter.

The tournament organizers said in this case, then the victory of the painter to and also refused otherwise to sanction the player in any way. His display of controversial symbolism was apparently accepted by the organizers without comment.

developers say The Empire are not the good guys!

Why did Warhammer a problem with right-wing extremists? In fact, the grim universe of Warhammer 40K uses diverse set pieces from fascist ideology and symbolism in his lore. So there are, among others:

Requires a totalitarian empire that absolute obedience from its citizens and extreme sacrifice.
An elite force of superior superman
can An all-powerful secret police strike at any time
Hatred of everything foreign as conductive ideology
Genocide and mass destruction as a perfectly legitimate means of warfare
At least one army in the game is reminiscent of the presentation strongly storm troops of the Wehrmacht

The parallels to fascist governments in the history of our world is exaggerated by the developers of True Hammer universe and displayed ironic, but several subgroups of Warhammer community life, according to an article on the side of Vice, the game their fascist and right-wing fantasies as it is probably happening on the tournament in Spain recently.

The Empire is driven by hatred — not Warhammer

What the developers to the matter say? developers Games Workshop apparently does not feel that his product is placed in the right corner and has, therefore, announced in an official statement (via the official blog) that in future no symbols of one hate groups will not tolerate at official events more.

When you come to a Games Workshop event or a shop, and you conspicuously behave, including the wearing of symbols of real hate groups, you will be asked to leave. We will not let you participate. We do not want your money. Furthermore, we want you not have in the Warhammer community.

For setting and its importance, they said, among other things also:

The empire is driven by hate. Warhammer not.

There are no good things in the Warhammer 40,000 universes.


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Not the Empire of people.

His countless legions of soldiers and dealers comply with the galaxy and bring death to everyone and all that does not match their close-minded conception of purity. Almost every man and every woman is shooting in misery, either on the battlefield — where survival is measured in hours — or in the countless manufactures and Hive slums, which drive the Imperial War Machinery. And all in slavish bondage towards the living body of a God-imperator, in whose bids you can at best remember halfway, twisted by the time and the lack of humanity.

Warhammer 40,000 is not only gloomy. It is the darkest, darkest.

The Empire of People is a warning example of what can happen when the worst of the power greed of humanity and extreme, unused xenophobia occurs. Like so many aspects of Warhammer 40,000, the Empire of People is Satiric.

To clarify: Satire is the use of humor, irony or exaggeration to portray the vices of people or the mistakes of a system in the mockery, ridicule and rigidity. To be satire, something does not necessarily have to be crazy or deadlier. The ridicule lies in the strengthening of a tyrannic, livestock regime by the setting, which was turned up to 11. The Empire is not a desirable state, apart from those who benefit from the game. It is a monstrous civilization, and its monstrosity is visible to all.

Apart from this, certain hate groups in the real world and supporters are trying to remain historical ideologies that should be better in the past — sometimes to claim intellectual property for themselves and to capture it for their own goals. We have said it before, but we want to remind you again, what we believe:

We believe in and support a community that is united by common values ​​such as mutual respect and kindness. Our fantasy settings are gloomy and dark, but that does not reflect who we are or how the real world should be in our opinion. We will never accept or tolerate any form of prejudice, hatred or abuse in our company or the Warhammer hobby.

Lets just hope that the developers of their announcement and remain true in the future, make sure that no one for his hobby ashamed needs because it is placed wrongly extreme hate-ideologies associated.

Warhammer 40K way, there are many conversions as computer games. A tempered co-op shooter called Dark tide to appear on Steam 2,022nd