The Legend of Zelda series is built on small changes over multiple iterations. The road from The Legend of Zelda at Breath of the Wild is a winding road, a gradual rise made of small steps. The space between these two games is just as important as the final destination. That may be why its so weird halfway back to this same course. The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening is full of all the essential elements of a Zelda title, without some of the more recent lessons of franchising in philosophy and game design. Sorry. This gives the impression that Links Awakening is missing or deficient. In truth, wander Cooling to solve puzzles is a journey breathtaking in time. As someone who cut his teeth in the previous game in the series, Links Awakening has always seemed familiar yet elusive. Its almost all I remember the classic games of Zelda, with some critics twists.

This game took me repeatedly unprepared in many ways, small but significant. If you memorized the location of every secret shell, awakening Link will make some of your outdated knowledge. The same goes for the pieces of heart and other collectibles. Think about this remake as a special edition, full of extras and bonus footage. Most of the old secrets are intact. But not all! The game combines the joys familiar with new wonder point often enough that I remain curious.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Review

One thing that has remained quite blank is that feeling of frustration especially my youth. Some of these dungeons were driving me crazy, and they always do. Zelda are blessed and cursed with this exasperating gift, which solutions seem accessible regardless of distance. This is evidence of design tying the game, he can always fascinate me and frustrate me in equal measure. No matter how I got stung, this incessant desire to continue maintained its hold on me.

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Each remake has a similar focus, mainly graphics. In this case, Nintendo developers have pushed this little machine to its limits. The outer sections in particular are full of tricks tilt and stunning light effects. The dungeons and caves are still beautiful, but the outside world is at another level. Look at the details resolve in real time as Link finds its way in a grassy field is a great achievement that never gets old. On that note, you read many books of reflection and critical taken that affect the performance of this game. You have to understand that two people A) immediately noticed this problem and B) have forgotten three minutes later. Yes, the number of frames per second may decrease slightly in the world overseas, but I can not stress its importance. As soon as I changed my screen, Im focused on my immediate goal or that I moved in, I was completely escaped. In fact, Im remembered it when the time came to write this review.

Beyond the graphic glow, Links Awakening also launching a new control scheme. Gone are the old limits to two buttons. Now you no longer have to choose between a sword, shield and shovel. You can have it all! In practical terms, this meant that I could the least care about what I had equipped and spend more time exploring the world around me. The Game Boy version was marked by constant interaction with the menu, sometimes several times a screen just to navigate the obstacles in place. With this new control scheme, this is not a problem. Unless you are a purist honest, this single change will be a major asset.

This trivial change is not the only quality of life works for those familiar with the original game. We also received more points distortion and negotiation sequence has a slightly better ending. Finally, your portfolio rupee seems much bigger. Its a simple switch, but fans of the series know well the pain of a purse. Fortunately, the boomerang is always an absolute terror between the small hands of Link.

One of the changes that impressed me has been adding the chamber dungeon. Essentially, you divide a dungeon into pieces of the size of a screen, and you reorganize them at your leisure. This ensures that nothing you will build will never exceed the quality of the original product, or even reach it. I may be too hurried and several overtime brewing in the dungeons will produce a magical experience. So far, however, it sounds like a stab without conviction to reproduce this magic of Mario Maker. Hell, he does not even satisfy as a map manager. The only thing that encourages you to complete this optional section is to see what awards you will win if you finish every challenge. Beyond that, the chamber dungeons look like a kind of chore.

I would like the story to be a little more expanded, even if it has been done with optional text. Links awakening is one of the few gaps in relation to the usual franchise cannon. Although I appreciate not having to dialogue endlessly, I am curious to know Cooling and its inhabitants. The village members, traders and the various secret citizens all allude to a fascinating setting never revisited by Nintendo to date.

Aside from the beautiful graphics, the obtuse design and the different modern keys, Links Awakening is always an exceptional Zelda game. I ended up participating in additional sessions instead of sleeping or working. I was frantically looking for online guides, only to find out that they were all obsolete. Furthermore, I challenged the final boss for hours, all to pick up more seashells, pieces of heart and collectibles. Whatever the faults I have spotted, I had no desire to leave Cooling behind. I still do not do it. No matter how long it will take, I will continue to fend for me until I create a complete backup file. If you are on the fence about this game, whether its like a remake or a new experience, do not be. The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening is an excellent game and a strong time in the history of the franchise.