It is nothing new to know that the LFL is one of the best ERA leagues throughout Europe after the performance of its teams in international events, but it seems that this year will be the year for the French League of legends. After the arrival of Martin Reckless Larsson A Carmine Corp, it seems that it has been a new point of reference for players who have not achieved a hole in the great competitions of the West as are LEC or LCS North American. In addition to the Swedish shooter, more and more international players have been added to the Gala competition.

Among the most sounded rumors that concern LFL, we can find that Cody Sun, one of the living legends of the American competitive will arrive with the Josephs Rang jun from Damon Kia to Alexandra, a Team that did not seem to have a lot of projection for 2022, but it will have two pretty curious and striking acquisitions. To this you have to add the possible acquisition of J ESA to Vitality Bee, the Academy of the French team in LEC, and the return of Agenda after a season full of ups and downs on the first team. Although the most notable acquisition of this list next to that of Reckless would be that of crown shot, since everything points to that military in the ranks of the Team BDS team.

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If Rekkles, Jensen, Nisqy, or others end up

To all this is that Leaving very remarkable individual performances. Names as Exact, aggressive or even 113 that aims to play with Reckless next year further enrich the French league. The only league that could face you against these teams and signings is the superior, which with the arrival of IAI, heretics or FC Barcelona have raised a lot of HYPE to see a direct confrontation between these two leagues So important at the Era level we will see next year during the EU MASTERS.