ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure and survival video game as well as multiplayer, created as well as released by Studio Wildcard. Its very early access began on June 2, 2015, for Windows, July 1, 2015, for Linux and macOS, December 16, 2015, on Xbox One as part of the Xbox Video game Sneak peek program and December 6, 2016, on PlayStation 4. The video game officially comes out the August 29, 2017, on Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch Over.

ARK: Survival Evolved is also more than 4 years after the release of one of the most popular survival games on Steam. Now the developers have announced a new map for December and given a view of 2022. There it should then give content around Vikings.

What did ARK announced? As part of a LiveStream at Extra Life, the developers of ARK have given some views in the future. Two new updates were announced:

First, on December 14, the new map Lost Island appears
On the other hand, a new DLC is planned for 2022, where it goes around Vikings. This DLC is based on the MOD Fjord developed by the community

New Fjordur Official Map, New Creature + Lost Island Release Date! - ARK Survival Evolved

This introduced some interesting innovations and that, although the developers have already officially terminated the story of ARK with the last DLC Genesis and even announced the successor ARK 2.

Lost Island comes with large map and 3 new Dino

What is the next DLC? Lost Island will provide a free update that contains a new card with a size of 150 square meters. There should be new biomes, challenges and mysterious ruins on this map.

A highlight is also the 3 new Dino you will meet:


These new Dino and first impressions of the map can you already win in this short trailer:

Viking DLC ​​comes in summer, based on fan-mod

What happens 2022 at ARK? In June 2022, the new Update Fjord should come. This is what is a non-official mod of fans for the PC, which should then be further processed into a true DLC.

In this mod you can explore icy cards, old ruins and huge castles. In addition, you should be able to become a true viking.

With the update in the summer new Dino will also be published. One of them should be the Andrewsarche, the other two may choose the community in 2022 themselves.

A first impression of the new areas show these 3 screenshots of the developer wildcard:

Also 2021 ARK is still very popular with Steam

How is ARK currently? At Steam, Survival Game 2021 continues to enjoy great popularity. In the last 30 days, average 39,287 players per day were online, with a peak of 69,159 simultaneous players (via Steam charts).

This is a considerable number, especially considering that the last larger update comes from June. At that time, the second part appeared from DLC Genesis.

In addition, the reviews are impressive on Steam in the last few weeks. In the last 30 days 5,351 Gamer Ark rated on Steam. The gave 90% a positive assessment. Overall, the game is currently 81% positive voices with over 370,000 reviews.

This makes Ark: Survival Evolved to one of the most popular survival games on Steam.

What do you say about the plans of Ark? Are you talking to the two coming LCS? And how do you find the survival game generally?

Whoever never played Ark and just think about it, to start completely, for which we have put together all the important information here:

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