The Elder Scrolls VI is a role-playing as well as action video clip game created by Bethesda Video game Studios and modified by Bethesda Soft works. Declared by Todd Howard on June 11, 2018, at E3 2018 at the Bethesda Conference, the game is just in pre-development. It is among the great absentees of E3 2019. It is the 6th opus of the Elder Scrolls video game series, after Arena, Dagger fall, Morrow ind, Oblivion and Skyrim. The video game will certainly be offered on Xbox Collection and also Computer. He will certainly also come out on the Xbox Game Pass as quickly as it leave. A departure on PlayStation 5 doubts because the procurement of Animal Media by Microsoft.

In a long interview, the Design Director of Bethesda, Todd Howard has now given a view when the release of the Elder Scrolls 6 could be. As a possible period of time, he calls 15 to 17 years after the release of Skyrim, which would lay the release period for the new Elder Scrolls to 2026 to 2028.

Where is the information? The GQ Magazine page has written a great special about the Xbox and its boss Phil Spencer. One of the accompanying interviewees was Todd Howard, the Design Director at Bethesda.

Howard Sets Release for Elder Scrolls 6 between 2026 and 2028

What does Bethesda say to the release of The Elder Scrolls VI? In the article is related to Howard statements the sentence:

Elder Scrolls VI, if you want to open the bill, will appear about 15 to 17 years after Skyrim.

Since Skyrim appeared in 2011, we talk about a release period between 2026 and 2028.

This is clearly later, as optimistic estimates of the fans and gaming pages that go out from 2024. Some had corrected their expectations after previous statements from Spencer to at the earliest 2026. Apparently it could even be later.

The statement is not a literature quote from Howard, but is clearly associated with him in the article. The bill is that Star field appears in 2022 and the team apparently 4-6 years development time for The Elder Scrolls 6, the next project, planned.

The Elder Scrolls Exclusively for PC and Xbox

What does Phil Spencer say about Elder Scrolls 6 ? The boss of Xbox says the next game of Bethesda, Star field, should appear 2022. The game is released exclusively for PC and Xbox. The same also sees Phil Spencer for The Elder Scrolls 6.

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You want to exploit all the features of the Xbox: Xbox Live, the Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Friends Lists and Save States.

Microsoft had bought Bethesda 2020 for 7, 5 billion US dollars.

What does Howard still say to The Elder Scrolls 6? no longer crazy. According to Howard, the technique of Star field serves to develop the technology and the Next-Gen features for The Elder Scrolls 6.

The internal expectations of The Elder Scrolls VI are high, after all, Skyrim was a game for a decade. It would make a crazy if you have to exceed Skyrim with Elder Scrolls VI.

But: For a long time the players should play. One wonders at Bethesda: How do you make a game when you go in with the idea, people have to play this a decade ?

From the point of view of MMO players important:

What is actually from ESO when The Elder Scrolls 6 comes?