The Ford Ranger is an all-terrain pickup made by the US vehicle maker for 1998. It is currently in its 3rd generation.

The Special Model Raptor occurs not only visually imposing, but also marks the strongest ranger version. The drive serves a biturbo-loaded two-liter diesel with 156 kW / 213 hp, a four-cylinder that makes an almost brute torque of 500 Newton meters. Over a ten-speed automatic transmission, the force is forwarded to the four driven wheels. Three driving modes are to be selected – rear drive, four-wheel and four-wheeled with terrain reduction.

Power pick-up

The key data of the 2.5-tonner, which tolerates 620 kilos of the charge, are: from 0 to Tempo 100 in 10.5 seconds, lace 170 km / h. Reserved dangers The Raptor needs 10.6 liters of diesel fuel to 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a CO2 emission of 278 g / km according to the WLTP standard. On the hook, the Power pickup can take up to 2,500 kilos.

On the first test drives, the comfort of the once pretty hard guys surprised. Only in the response and in the supplement of the gear changes of the automatic transmission could still be done fine work; In voting position S it works better. The available Raptor Special Edition costs 70.014 euros. It is supplied exclusively as a double cabin (four-door).

Strong duo: Ford Ranger Wolftrak and Stormtrak. Manufacturer

In another price segment, the Ranger Wolftrak, which is offered with six-speed transmission and single cabin from 42,114 euros (double cabin from 43.245 euros). The 10-speed automatic costs about 2500 euros extra charge. In the base, a 125 kW / 170 hp machine works under the front hood. The Wolftrak is considered a particularly robust flatbed car with electronic blocking differential and all-terrain tires, the fans of freedom and adventure appreciate him as an off-road companion, but above all, the field of application in agriculture and forestry. Especially here best terrain properties are expected. And that offers the ranger, as an extensive test demonstrated us in a quarry-like terrain. Good nerves were in demand, because it was about climbing on extremely steep mountain and talramps, which are usually only to cope with the special vehicles of the pit owner. No question, the robust pick-up managed all mountaineering requirements with flying colors. However, if it is tight and maneuvering is announced, the 5.36 meter-long vehicle disturbs the big turning circle of 12.9 meters.

E-bikes instead of feed sacks

Ford Ranger: Rear Spring Shackles & Hangers

The comprehensive stormtrak special edition in turn works as a premium variant with a strong 213 hp diesel and automatic, but can also serve with climate control and noble leather-related seats. Almost too fine, the paths for use for use appears. Even with the stormtrak, the four-wheel drive is switchable, the blocking differential is available as standard, as well as the electrically operated loader blind roller for the version with double cabin. On the loading deck, however, more e-bikes are transported as feed sacks for the cattle, only a few customers are likely to role in the heavy terrain. For the price: The single cabin costs from 55,793 euros, the double cabin at least 55,972 euros. Like the other versions, the StormTrak can be further upgraded, for example, it can be ordered exclusively in Lucid-Red-Metallic.

The next generation is already in the starting blocks: the new Ford Ranger at Tests in Australia. Manufacturer

Hardly a pick-up series is so versatile as the Ford Ranger. In Europe, he has been the best-selling vehicle in the segment in the segment (from 2015), with 41,000 units sold last year and a market share of just under 41 percent, Ford holds the position of the market leader. Germany is one of the main markets in Europe to England, Spain and France. The models for the local market are built in South Africa.

also as Amarok

Complimentary debuting successor is a first result of the cooperation of Ford and Volkswagen and will continue to market under the familiar name Amarok.