With his royal class hits number 138 and 139, the Portuguese Superstar Manchester United has preserved before the next setback.

The injury time had already begun when Cristiano Ronaldo did what he is currently always doing when it becomes really tight for Manchester United: he met. With its fulminant volley shot from 18 meters to 2: 2 compensation at Atalanta Bergamo, Ronaldo preserved his team before the next setback – and secured Teum Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer again the job.

Cristiano is simply unbelievable, said Solskjaer and swarmed his superstenter s qualities, after taking him into his arms on the playing field, He always worries for these special moments. I am sure that the Chicago Bulls did not mind having Michael Jordan in a team.

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Ronaldo is becoming more and more about Manchester s life insurance. Against Atalanta, it was already the third time in the fourth Champions League game that Ronaldo (marked in Bergamo also hit the 1: 1) late for manunited. Two times the 36-year-old scored the winning goal, this time he made with his royal class ton number 139 for the point profit – and thus that the Englishman as a leader of the group F continue to have the best chances of the secondary final.

The critics, the Ronaldo recently recently made a lack of Elan at the (defensive) work, are likely to be at least a little quieter after the next goal gala of the Portuguese. People say that Cristiano would not work hard enough, said Ex-Manchester Star Rio Ferdinand now: But he makes the most important task of the game – he shoots goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo impact at Manchester United like Michael Jordan, says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Goals, which are also likely to take the most recently criticized Solskjaer a little bit from the line of firing line. Time to sit back remains the Norwegian coach but not. On Saturday is the Manchester derby against City on the program. Not just Solskjaer hopes that Ronaldo will be relying again.