Who is to take responsibility if pyrotechnics or Böller are ignited in the stadium? With this question, the BGH is currently about, the answer is expected in the form of a judgment on Thursday (8.30 am). According to the Fan Allisse Our Curve, which has been committed to the needs of football trailers for years, could issue a signal from the judge s decision, as this reforms of DFB sports facilities can lead to far-reaching reforms, ​​as in an opinion The German Press Agency is called.

Specifically, the legal dispute between the FC Carl Zeiss Jena and the DFB is a judgment of the sports court, which had sentenced the third division of occurrences for two home and away game to almost 25,000 euros.

Punish logic of the DFB is according to our curve on the test

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The FCC did not want to accept this verdict and initiated further steps. The club was still inferior to the competent arbitral tribunal. But the Supreme Civilians of the BGH are now examining whether this arbitration can exist. The Frankfurt Oberlandesgericht had confirmed him in the lower court.

Should the judgment in favor of the Thuringians fail, our curve the punishment logic of the DFB was fundamentally questionable. Because a ban on fault-independent sanctions would also give collective penalties a general discharge.

Collective penalties imposed by the DFB Sports Court because of the passport of individual supporters and thus punishes not involved fans have been controversially discussed for years. Again and again they were also the subject in exchange between organized fishing groups and the association.