Even the consultations in Hamburg recently read like the unspoken for Peters, the outgoing supervisory board of the German Football League DFL: At that time it was said that the new strong man should come from the amateur camp at the top. The fact that the ranks with a view of the Personie Peters may not be closed as a hundred percent, suggests the following process: Immediately after the meeting in the Hanseatic city, a participant in conversation with the Peters explained that Peters would still be in question if a national association would suggest him . However, on the subsequent press conference, it was said that the new DFB President or the President had to work in the amateur sector.

The presidential conference now on this Monday in Frankfurt / Main: As a prerequisite, the candidating person should bring the active participation in a state or regional association in excessive role. It must not be expressly practiced by a president of a state or regional association. That would exclude Peters. However, the DFL or another, decent member could very well nominate the former Schalke CFO. The DFB statute and the rules of procedure of the Bundestag, which takes place on March 11, 2022 in Frankfurt / Main, was very well.

That the DFL Peters nominated against the will of the amateurs, currently seems unlikely

So comes to a fight candidacy? Peters against an amateur ? Whereby the hot-traded Bernd Neuendorf (FV Mittelrhein) has not yet officially known for the candidacy. That the DFL Peters nominated against the will of the amateurs seems unlikely. More likely there would be a state association from the statement from Monday and sends the 59-year-old to the race, especially since the offensive with an emancipation of the DFB of the long-term undisputed Dr. med. Rainer Koch promotes.

Currently, Koch and Peters perform the association interim. Koch has reaffirmed from looking for a successor to the resigned Fritz cellar. Therefore, he did not participate in a round of regional presidents on Sunday evening, representing him as South Association Chef Matthias Schöck. The Quintet around the Württemberg, Ralph-Uwe Schaffert (North), Herrmann Winkler (North-East), Peter Frymuth (West) and Thomas Bergmann (Southwest) has now the task of the further process of finding a suitable person for the DFB Presidency to organize and lead, says in a DFB message.

Until 15 November, the state and regional associations should propose persons. Clear order for the Regional Association Chiefs: Next step is the definition of a candidate or candidate for the Office of the DFB President or the DFB President. The fact that the passage is written in the singular makes it suggest that the state presidents do not go out of a fight candidacy.