Much more than an announcement did not exist first: A game called Football Player 2023 is in the early stage of development and will be released sometime in 2023. This explained developer Pixelont LLC already in early September.

Although there has been a lack of great news since then, some more information about price, platforms and especially the general orientation of the upcoming title has been reported appeal.

Already to Reveal it was said that the game will be similar to the Football Manager. This has reaffirmed Pixelont LLC again: Accordingly, Football Player 2023 becomes a mixture of managers simulation and arcade game – and therefore no direct competition to about FIFA.

Active intervention in crucial scenes

The unambiguous focus is on installation, administration and decision-making, in which lots can be actively intervened in the games at least for individual crucial scenes – as frequently, depend on the strength of the respective opponent.

The developers explain the developers in a Q & A on the Twitter channel from Football Player 2023. Special value should be placed on the realistic player experience as possible, as this is the most important element in football simulations.

Available for Next Gen consoles

Clarity also prevails with the platforms for which the game will be available: initially, only PC and Mac was the speech, later also followed the announcement for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s. At first, Football Player 2023 is priced at about 15 to $ 20 US dollars, making the developers once again confirmed that the title will not be available-to-play.

While information about the new game so far only available via the social media channels, a homepage should also be set up promptly on which it should also give you the opportunity to play your own questions in addition to various news.

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