The topic of electro-car combines Ford with sporty emotions, which is apparently increasingly proven in some markets. In any case, the now presented top model GT is the best sprinter in the family of electric Mustang mach-e. However, he also has his price: 72,900 euros he costs, that s almost 30,000 euros above the entry-level version. On the other hand, the Mach-E GT undercuts some competitive models by up to 15,000 euros.

With the start of the normal Mustang Mach-E, Ford can be satisfied: September included, around 2000 units have been sold in Germany since the beginning of the year, including many new customers.

from zero to a hundred in 3.7 seconds

With the name Mustang many still connect the strong V8 petrol engine with a lot of displacement and many pots. Of the conventionally powered, iconic athlete, the electric model in the dress of a Crossovers stands out in many disciplines, but also has a lot to offer in the performance – especially in the new top version. Although Ford regulates the GT at 200 km / h, but in the sprint from zero to Tempo 100, the strong stromer shoots in only 3.7 seconds. This is the fastest accelerating five-seater, the Ford has ever expelled in Europe. In the segment, the GT has the stuff to the Tesla killer.

Come far: The 88 kWh battery allows up to 500 kilometers range. ford

The GT variant is upgraded by a motor reinforced on the front and rear axle. Together, the machines of the E-Crossovers properly release Power, 358 kW / 487 hp are, the torque is in impressive 860 Newton meters. A lithium-ion battery feeds the drive with 88 kWh usable capacity. From one (the few) 150 kW charging stations, according to Ford flows in ten minutes of electricity for almost 100 kilometers reach. From ten to 80 percent, the exercise takes 45 minutes. As a range, the manufacturer indicates up to 500 WLTP kilometers. On our first test drives, the power consumption scheduled according to on-board computer between 17 and 22 kWh / 100 km.


On remote, winding stretches by the Croatian coastal region, the GT convinced not only by rapid accelerating, but also by excellent driving behavior – not least thanks to the particularly deep priority, which also contributes the battery housed in the vehicle floor. Due to the power distribution, which is even more on the rear wheels in the strong all-wheeller – but especially the GT is noticeable – the acceleration is made of curves with a bitive start and light rear kick, depending on the driving mode. In conjunction with the specially developed 20-inch tires, this contributes to a sporty highlight driving experience. In addition, plus mode can help the driver to obtain a balance of traction and stability control and nevertheless drift exciting.

Info Central: The large, upright touchscreen dominates the cockpit of Mustang Mach-e. Ford / Ampnet

For excellent delay, not least, the high-performance Brembo brake system ensures. The chassis is taut, but by no means uncomfortably matched. By driving mode, the preferred setting can be selected. A fourth, in the GT additionally available mode, places the suspension and damping elements still strip. The very sharp stage untamed plus may only be used for inserts on racetracks.

In the exterior, the sporty line dominates, even more ducked and slightly lower than the tahmer versions is the GT there, to which he adorns himself with an independent polycarbonate front grill in Dark Gray and the exclusive color options Cyber ​​Orange and Atoll Blue metallic, contrasting the black roof.

Open by pressing a button

Inside there are good space ratios: the inmates feel comfortably housed in the 4,71 meter, coupe-like crossover crossover, in front of contoured sporting sites that guarantee a stable side guide. For space in the rear, the almost three-meter wheelbase ensures the almost three meter. Open the doors with the button on the B-pillar next to the driver s door, via smartphone or, if you do not have a code in a touch panel. Pulling up the doors with a small hook replacing the usual handle. In the luggage compartment fit 402 liters to 1420 liters, there are about 100 liters under the front hood.

Packing something: In the trunk, fit up to 1420 liters, in addition there is a frunk under the front hood. Ford / Ampnet

Pretty easy, the operation is designed: Muchs we could control over the large, vertical 15.5-inch touch screen and the smart knob below. Relieving the handling of Mach-E can also be used via the SYNC voice control. The 10.2-inch driver s display is located directly in the field of view.

On the latest stand are the assistance systems and networking. Hardly any of the Mach-E GT customers will probably get the idea to couple a trailer, but if: up to 750 kilos can be taken in tow. Speaking of weight: a total of 2.1 tons come together at the GT. The top model is based as the remaining Mustang versions (including the tail drive) on its own platform. For mass production of electric vehicles, the manufacturer uses another electrical basis.