Football Manager 2022 aims to be the most realistic delivery in the field of soccer team management. From the announcement of its launch, we have been providing information on the amplitude of your organizational possibilities, which will give us a thousand ways of create and maintain our clubs . Now, Sports Interactive returns to warn the encouragement with one of the most exciting and intriguing events of the football calendar: The closing of the transfer market .

Football Manager 2022 will transmit the drama and expectation of the signing market closure When the closing of the signing market is approaching, the world of sport King is activated with all kinds of rumors, changes, interest and possible Alterations of equipment that could cause earthquakes in the football panorama. Therefore, Sports Interactive aims to transmit these sensations of dramatism and expectation in the next installment of Football Manager 2022, in which we will have renewed elements and a user interface that will give more life at the moment in The one that closes the signing market.

Meetings with the staff will allow you to transfer our goals to all members of the club In this way, players should be expected A VORÁGINE OF ACTIVITY Based on the possible movements of the managers of other clubs, we can Monitor through the pieces of information we will receive from our partners. However, the novelties do not focus solely at this time of the year, but the developer also advances us a weekly mechanics that will allow us to streamline the interactions with the key members of the clubs.

In this regard, Sports Interactive presents a new format of meetings with the staff through which we can better organize the performance of our teams. Something we will carry out detailing the preparations before the parties, the development objectives of long-term players and up to the general structure of the team. A way that our ideas move to all members of the club .

Tier list Football Manager & Championship Manager... CONTROVERSIAL

These news are added to the recent premiere of a new Data Hub and an engine for animations that will improve even more the feeling of realism based on the trade we will carry out. Therefore, Football Manager 2022 promises renovations in its essence that will be from a greater deepening in the management of clubs and until the inclusion of female teams. So, with the arrival of the experience of the Sports Interactive game the November 9 , we will live a more realistic club management experience than ever on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Mobile.