Ltd. Asobizumu is, in real-time union card battle in the popular distribution in the App Store · Google Play Dragon Poker , informed that to hold a reprint challenge dungeon Odin awakening from 2021 October 18 (Monday) .

Co., Ltd. Asobizumu (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoyuki major) is, App in Store · Google Play in real-time union card battle in the popular delivery Dragon Poker , 2021 October 18, from (Monday) It will be held reprinted challenge dungeon Odin awakening .

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October 18 from (Monday), will be reprinted held a challenge dungeon Odin awakening . In this dungeon, I was awake Odin is to get the awakening evolution material in appearance! Dungeon as a boss monster, let s wake the monster!

overlook to reprint challenge dungeon Odin awakening !

■ held period
2021 October 18 (Monday) 12:00 – November 1 (Mon) 11:59

■ Challenge Dungeon Overview
· Bosubatoru 1 races only

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest - Odin & Lissa Before Awakening Conversation
– broke not in battle
– 4 when the subsequent person to challenge the participation possible (at the time of matching) Dungeon not be a friend, consumes one-sixth of the maximum stamina
· SP and defeat a boost unavailable boss at random, rare items such as materials and limited Orb for awakening evolution enters the hand

※ awakening evolution material entering the hand in this challenge dungeon will be the awakening of the book, crystal of the champion .

▲ after awakening evolution Odin

198 times Coliseum this war being held!

Other players is a team, it is being held fight in five people vs5 people 198 times Coliseum finals . Coliseum is a great influence battle one person alone is the outcome of the team, you can taste the sense of urgency that different from the normal dungeon. The aim of Dragon medal large amounts acquisition of reward, let s challenge to the fierce battle of 7 days!

■ held period
2021 October 18 (Monday) to October 24 (Sunday)

■ Coliseum held time
7:00 to 8:59
12:00 to 13:59
5:00 p.m. to 6:59 p.m.
21:00 to 22:59

About slayer skills

In the Coliseum, it has been set to slayer skills to exert a higher effect than usual. Slayer skills of this time of the Coliseum, butt da sleep, union suicide skills is a power UP. When you use the card to own these skills in battle, you can give a lot of damage.

About reward

If you win the battle, you can win the dragon medal as a victory reward. Victory and the number in the current Coliseum held period, can win a medal in accordance with the total number of wins so far, a small amount of medals even if the defeat is to come. Acquired dragon medal can be exchanged for luxury items in the dragon medal clearing house !

Basic information

■ title: Dragon Poker ■ App Store: https:? // mt = 8 ■ Google Play: https: // ? id = ■ genre: real-time union card battle RPG ■ billing forms: free-to-play system ■ compatible models: iOS 10.3 or later of the iPhone / iPod touch, Android 5.0 or later (some models can not support There is a gender) ■ official site: https: // ■ official Twitter: https: // aso ■ iOS delivery Date: may 17, 2013 (gold ) ■ Android delivery Date: December 2013 18 days (water) ■ Copyright notation: C 2013 Asobism Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

■ Company Name Asobizumu ■ Representative: Director leading Tomoyuki ■ Capital 10,000,000 yen ■ Established December 6, 2005 ■ Location 100-0005 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-1 Shin Tokyo Building 4F ■ TEL 03 -6551-2813 ■ FAX 03-6551-2692 ■ URL ■ Email [email protected] ■ planning and development of planning and development / mobile site of the business game management / Asobi consulting business