Gravity said on the 19th, cooperated with Super Play and La Granarok Goods Live Commerce Broadcasting.

This Live Commerce Broadcasting is broadcast on Naver Shopping Live at 7 pm on the 19th. Broadcasting is scheduled to be held in the game channel, such as the game net, and OGN, and will be held in the game channel.

In addition, Gravity will commemorate live commerce broadcasting, two coupon present events.

Live Commerce Broadcasting provides a choice of one game coupon online, Lagranoque M, Lagranoque Origin, and three titles, to all customers who have purchased goods until they finish the broadcast. We also offer one coupon for customers who have purchased more than 50,000 yuan products.

The Gravity IP Business Unit Joon Joon Team Leader said, We planned to introduce a variety of Goods products to Lagranorque fans through this Live Commerce Broadcasting. In the future, we would like to meet more fans through a variety of ways to meet Ragnarok Goods products and participate in the event.