Nintendo (任天堂 株式会社, Nintendō Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1889 by Fusajirō Yamauchi near Kyoto in Japan. It specializes in the manufacture of video game consoles, such Nintendo the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo 64, the Wii, Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo DS and, the latest, the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo well Nintendo in the design Video games such Nintendo Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda.
In its infancy, the company produced Japanese playing cards: the Hanafuda. From the 1970s, the company diversifies its activities by producing toys and arcade terminals. It is thus one of the main precursor companies of the video game. In the late 1970s, Nintendo embarks on the console market and video games. Currently, she is one of the leaders in this market: In 2008, Nintendo is ranked first video game publisher in Japan and second in the United States (NDP Group). Nintendo of 2019, Nintendo sold approximately 800 million consoles, all generations and types combined.
Nintendo is one of the few video game companies that have been able to enter some of its licenses, especially Mario or Pokémon, in the common culture, Nintendo well Nintendo iconic characters from other entertainment companies like Mickey Mouse of The Walt Disney Company. In 2015, Nintendo announces a partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts for the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in 2020.

Super SmNintendoh Bros. Ultimate is one of the most played titles in Nintendo Switch , it is constantly updated and the inclusion of new characters is one of the great claims for your community. The lNintendot to arrive wNintendo Sora, one of the main protagonists of Kingdom Hearts, one of the most popular sagNintendo of all time thanks to the bet of him for interlacing the universes of Final FantNintendoy and Disney. Do you know how the arrival of it wNintendo set up to the Nintendo game? MNintendoahiro Sakurai, main responsible for the franchise, hNintendo explained it to the Famitsu Portal.

seemed difficult, but things were quite fNintendot

Sakurai admits that the barrier so that Sora had ended inside Super SmNintendoh Bros. Ultimate wNintendo quite hard . Without going any further, he wNintendo not very clear to be happening: Despite the high expectations of the players, sincerely I came to think that it wNintendo impossible , he explains. However, Nintendo soon Nintendo he had the opportunity to make crumbs with a member of Disney, the thoughts of him changed drNintendotically. According to him, he comments, Japanese coincided with a a high charge of Disney in a prize delivery , at which he took the opportunity to convey his desire to see Sora on the campus of fighters of the game. The answer? It turns out that he also believed that he would be great .

From that moment, both parties began to work and sat several times to have everything controlled: Both Disney and Square Enix need to supervise everything that does Sora in Super SmNintendoh Bros. Ultimate , says Sakurai, who also points to the players and Nintendoks them if they consider that the character is faithful to his role in the Kingdom Hearts games.

New character, Anecdote Nintendosured

It is not the first time we know interesting details about how the inclusion process of certain characters in the Nintendo saga is. One of the most peculiar is located in the story behind Solid Snake, which first appeared in Super SmNintendoh Bros. Brawl for Wii. According to Hideo Kojima himself, he wNintendo himself, motivated by both the desire of his son, Nintendo he approached the character to a younger audience, who suggested Nintendo the possibility of doing so.

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Super SmNintendoh Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. In Meristation you have a complete guide with advisory advice available, how to unlock characters, what are the spirits and much more.