soaz , the legendary Toplaner who dazzled a whole generation of League of Legends players, wants to compete as a player for the 2022 season. After a year of spiritual retreat and experience as a coach, the French player is exploring options to be able to play at the highest level, either in lec, the French LCS or even French LFL , although the last option of ERL is something you do not want at all. He has recognized that he does not want to just compete, but he wants to reach again the most important international events such as the world.

Recall that soaz is the last player next to Yellowstar of the First Generation of Legends , being finalists of the first World Cup celebrated in Europe back by the 2011 in which FNATIC He took the final with Against All Humanities, team where the French player militted. The one that for many is the best Toplaner of the old continent , his last year with Immortals was quite mediocre although he was due to the mental blockade he had at the bottom of the pandemic and when he announced his first withdrawal and following Europe To train LDLC in the French League.

Now, the French player has returned better than ever to return to the highest level of League of Legends and who knows, reach after three years of absence the world again. Among the options you can find in the teams of the major leagues of the world, Team BDS could become one of the most viable options , as well as being a French team , it is an opportunity for the new club that has a born leader as it is soaz. However, it will be necessary to see if the money wins in the mentality of the Toplaner and opts for a hole in some half table of the American .