In April, the plan shifted some top clubs the football world briefly into shock. With the establishment of the so-called Super League they wanted to revolutionize the April. But the plan failed with a crash. Many believe that the idea is now dead. But this is obviously not the case. Numerous clubs are convinced that the Super League is still to come – and soon.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was in his time as CEO of FC Bayern rarely a man who spoke the fans from the soul. On the subject of Super League but he was with the followers on the same wavelength. Rummenigge vehemently against the project and declared after its spectacular failure . The theme of Super League s done, dead But that the 66-year-old was obviously wrong.

A report by the portal The Athletic According to the project is by no means dead. Quite the contrary. In the background is therefore already working on strategies to make it, but implement the daring plan yet into action and revolutionize the existing competitive system.

The biggest mistake was not the product

The club also has long since spread. In an anonymous survey, which was answered by several dozen clubs, declared 54 percent of respondents said that the Super League in their opinion not yet finally disappeared after. however, only 18 percent believe the plan was finally dead.

The big question is how to succeed this time, enough to find collaborators and to avoid the mistakes from the first time.

Everyone knows that the biggest mistake was not the product but the way how it was communicated, citing The Athletic an anonymous source. Also, a source from one of the possible founder associations stated that the problem was the lack of communication have been. Another said the portal: The greatest sin was to rush it, and to launch it so bad. However, the conviction that they will not enter into that trap again.

The plan, it describes another source told The Athletic , the Super League would be to make it look, not as a revolution, but an evolution. So one could possibly achieve greater consensus among the fans.

The fact that the new elite class will come back, stands for an unnamed employee of a club firmly affected, because: The greed or passion of the bigger clubs to have more will always be there.

Revealed: How the new Super League could look like

One of the key questions at the second attempt is could be like the new Super League look. And even here there is The Athletic According to quite a few ideas. A provides a kind of pyramid system are provided in which up to 140 clubs from all over Europe.

the whole thing is structured as follows: Playing at the top of the pyramid 20 teams in a league. Among them there are two leagues with 20 teams, followed by followed by a third class in which 80 teams divided into four 20 leagues play. That is why, in total participate 2.0 Super League and week after week playing for climbing and descending 140 clubs at.

Still, these plans are not more than just theory. Whether the Super League 2.0 ever enough place advocate, is in the stars. but seems certain: As dead as some have thought, the project is still far.