The fee is fair to be a level such as domestic companies.

The Global Investment Officer (GIO) of the Global Investment (GIO) did the emotional remarks.

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On the 21st, the National Assembly Science and Technology Information Broadcasting Communication Committee Broadcasting Communication Committee Broadcasting Communication Committee Comprehensive Thanksgiving GIO, GIO, who has been attending a witness, said, A lot of overseas companies, which also costs to be costly to the same level as domestic companies, he said.

Kim said, on the day of Google and Netflix, such as Google, and Netflix, including foreign contents (CP), but Naver and Cacao said that Naver and Cacao have been making networking on the telecommunications company every year, and the problem with domestic companies is pointing out.

The Chairman of Kim Bum-soo, said Chairman of Cacao said, It is difficult for the relationship between global makers and carriers and it is difficult to comment on the agreement.