The last game of the Developer Dodge Roll, sorize the Gungeon , receives a brand new update this Friday. Soor the Gungeon: Hello to Weapons Propose a variety of new contents, including new weapons and objects, a new arsenal mode, new shop centers and of course, the GLOCKTOPUS. Gello to the Update Five this Friday, November 13 for Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and PC with the launch of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Soor the Gungeon is a sequence of the 2016 Roguelike, which has experienced a huge success, entrez in the Gungeon . Entrez in the Gungeon is a dungeon exploration robot that follows a group of marginalized who must shoot, loot and make their way through the Gungeon in the hope of finding the ultimate treasure – the weapon that can kill the past . Soor the Gungeon is a small direct sequence that follows the Gungeoneers while trying to escape the dreaded Gungeon up the dangerous elevators to freedom. Of course, there will be many enemies to face, collecting arms and boss to kill up.

dodge roll update
The brand new Arsenal mode now allows you to contain as many weapons as you like, including the blessed weapon, while offering you the possibility of switching freely between them. The brand new boss, the glacktopus, makes its arrival so long because the enemy was supposed to be included in the starting content of the game. The terrifying mollusc armed with a firearm was shown in the original trailer of the game But unfortunately had to be cut off from his initial release, because the developers thought they should rush to adapt it to the game and deserved better than that. Now more than a year later, it finally makes its debut.

The name of the update hello to arms is a wink to entrez in the Gungeon Last major update goodbye to weapons .