Every time he picks up the possibility of seeing a rename for the FIFA series. According to a series of records ordered by Electronic Arts , the company would be shuffling EA Sports FC as a new name of your sports simulator.

FIFA 15 had a mobile app called EA Sports Football Club as discovered VGC – Video Games Chronicle, the US multinational was made with the rights of this brand at the beginning of the month in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union As in the equivalent agency of the United Kingdom, demonstrating with facts the declarations of CAM Weber, General Director of EA Sports.

We are exploring the idea of ​​rename our EA SPORTS football titles. We find ourselves reviewing the rights agreement we have with FIFA , which remains independent about the rest of the sponsorships and licenses that we have around the world of football He assured the manager just a week ago.

EA SPORTS FC does not have to be the new name of FIFA saga and could be another action of a completely different draft or direction, so it is convenient to take this information with caution. In fact, the simulator already counted a few years ago with an APP on mobile iOS and Android call EA Sports Football Club linked to the videogame for PC and consoles that could now be recovering.

However, it is an indication more from Electronic Arts s interest for investigating new brands for one of the most profitable franchises in the sector, something Konami has already launched this year with Efootball, saying goodbye to Pro Evolution Soccer.

Meanwhile, FIFA 22 is a success

Today we have also met FIFA 22 leadership at the UK Top Sales despite the launch of several novelties, which comes to accompany the excellent launch data, of records in La Saga , shared by the company last week. If you are interested in knowing more about the simulator, you can read FIFA 22 analysis in 3D Games where Carlos Gallego highlighted his strengths and weaknesses.