While the standard controllers they receive with new generation consoles, they are pretty beautiful design pieces, they are not necessarily optimized for the correct competitive game. In E-Sports, where controllers are the first choice, professional players rarely rock with a standard controller to events.

So if you are looking for a controller with a higher specification that has been developed for competitive games, you might be interested in this giveaway. We got together with Nacon to give away one of his new Revolution X Pro Controller, which were specially developed for Xbox consoles and PCs.

If you do not believe us if we say that this controller was developed for competitive players, you should watch the specifications. The Revolution X Pro has four additional, configurable shortcut keys on the back, removable weights so that the controller feels so light or heavy as you want to have the option, concave or convex tips for thumbsticks, and Dolby Atmos Support for your headphones to get crystal clear audio. Oh, and it even has its own app.

Yes you ve read correctly. If you are downloading the Revolution X-App, you can change all types of settings, reconfigure key layouts and save up to four different setting profiles. That is, when you like to play Call of Duty: Warzone a little more stick sensibility, but less sensitivity when trying to climb the ranks of the Rocket League, you only need to open the app and switch to the correct setting profile. Genius.


Sounds like a little kit you would like to get into your fingers? All you have to do is participate about the Gleam widget below at our raffle. This giveaway has readers open worldwide, so everyone can participate.

We do not need much of them, but we need your full name and e-mail address so that we can contact you when one of the winners will be selected next week. Do not worry about it – we promise you that we will not send you spam.

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Much luck!