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The developers of the survival role-playing game Tribes of Midgard have also given a view of season 2 and the longer-term future as part of the publication of the Midsaga update for the first season. Season 2 is to begin in the fourth quarter 2021 and is then expanded in the first quarter 2022 by the next Midsaga update.

Season 2: New Saga Boss, Oceans and Boats

Since the midsaga update of the first season of Tribes of Midgard has been released in October, it can be expected the start of season 2 in November or maybe only in December. But then please look forward to the next Sagaboss, the Fenrir or its current forms Doomhowler and WolfMans will probably replace. An indication that you should then tell you then on your fingers (or paws) can not yet exist.

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You can already look forward to the introduction of oceans and boats. Furthermore, the developers of Norskll are planning a new reward path for you. The midsaga update of the second season then brings new variants from the current Sagaboss into the game. There are also new equipment and quests.

And the future?

The creators of the Koop ArpG speak for the longer-term future by all kind of interesting game mechanics. The promises of the developers include fishing, shovels, a kind of agriculture, riding, Construction 2.0 , Housing, new biomes, a new game mode and of course interesting new blessings and weapons. So delight, Vikings, the future looks rosy!

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